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Comment Hibernate ... it's the new reboot! (Score 2, Interesting) 596

I set all my computers to hibernate instead of powering down if the power button is pressed (or if the lid is closed on laptops). It takes a large chunk of hard drive space, but it's MUCH faster than powering up/down every day/night.

Now I only reboot when something weird happens (1-2 times a week) or when Windows Update forces me to... even though it "will work in the background while I keep working". Right.

Comment TV is losing because it no longer works for us... (Score 1) 576

I don't know exactly when it happened, but over the last few years "TV" stopped working for us and we started working for "TV". Do you notice how your favourite programs (if you still watch TV) randomly move around? They are constantly jumping timeslots, days, and taking random holidays. What's that about? Now I have to actively hunt down my favourite shows each time I want to watch them... and having to continually rearrange my evenings certainly doesn't endear the format in my eyes.

This lack of respect for the viewer seems minor when compared to the larger issue of the big companies/stations randomly interfering with and even canceling shows for no _good_ reason. Firefly comes to mind. So does Family Guy. And Global Frequency - a FULLY complete pilot for a new Sci-Fi show that never even aired! (You can find copies of it online, and I found it well worth the download.)

Basically I see it coming down to this: there's an odd mentality in TV-Land (whatever that even is) that the viewers' opinions -- the reason TV exists in the first place -- are no longer important compared to what the big stations and companies want. Anyway, that's why I think TV is in the process of losing. It's no longer there for us -- we're here for it. And WTF is that?

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