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Comment Re:idiots (Score 2, Insightful) 195

Sounds like a fun class, I was a CS minor, but I never got around to taking Networks, just OS/Datastructures/AI etc. Bummer. Your admin does sound like an idiot. The reason to say 'no' to a Linksys in an environment like mine have mostly to do with support (4 hour RMA), interference with other devices (our Cisco APs all talk to each-other), and management (I want to enforce security policy on you). Who cares if Cisco bought Linksys ;) Its the same reason why our server admins want all HPs, because they already have a shop full of HPs, support agreements etc. Not because HP is magical. There's always the option to change, but in a large enterprise, a homogeneous environment greatly reduces cost IMHO. Then again if I worked in an academic environment I'd be a lot less of a hardass, I work in Healthcare.

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