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Comment Honeymoon (Score 0) 319

This is the honeymoon phase. Everyone wants to see what is so good about it and will bum rush the site, that is why they are taking these numbers now, it overinflated its use nothing more. Same pattern that MS uses for most of their PR Bing Vista Zune XP Etc.

Comment Re:What does Marijuana have to do with this? (Score 0) 709

strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness by making government more transparent, participatory, and collaborative.

Say what? Let me analyse this point by point...

Strengthen our democracy: How, by making people sit around their bong every night discussing the problems of the world? Like.. "Man... link um.. why do they fold those papers around those little sticks of gum? Can't they see we need to save some trees? Besides they taste terrible when folding a joint, their just disgusting."

WHAT??? MAKE people sit around a bong....Stupid---------- Promote efficiency: Get real, Marijuana and efficiency in the same sentence? Last I knew all my childhood friends were doing nothing with their lives. Just sitting around getting high with no aspirations in life. Several are dead from accidents, suicide, some perpetually in rehab clinics, and all living life day-t-day. Efficiency is not the first word on my mind.

Your PERSONAL opinion i will respect but do not assume all people who smoke do nothing,achieve nothing, many of the founding fathers of this country smoked weed...... Making government more transparent: Ok, Marijuana is hallucinogenic for some people, but I doubt that the Government is going to get any more transparent that way.

Can you say straw man... Collaborative: Ok, lets get this one definition straight. We are talking about the Government being more collaborative, not people sitting around talking about fantasies while smoking joints. How is legalizing Marijuana going to get the Government to improve on their collaboration skills?

Again....Stupid I know I'll get flamed, and I'm not trying to argue that it should or should not be legalized, but what the study is for and the conclusions being stated about Marijuana are just not related from my viewpoint. But as I remember back to 'hanging out' with my childhood friends, they usually were not thinking all so coherently about much of anything, and no doubt they were the ones 'brainstorming' here. So why would I think this study would be any different? Go figure.

You want it legalized? Good for you, go for it. This is a democracy after all. But, with the next study trying to 'fix the Government', please try to come up with ideas on topic and that actually solve the issues that the study is supposed to discuss. If you want to change the law there are already ways to do that. Go for it.

The legalization of weed will NOT fix the gov, it will however add a much needed tax base, jobs from farming,industy uses,bio fuel and save many man hours in this futile war. If this is your idea of a brainstorm...Well then you need to lay of the booze

Comment Re:The marijuana crowd is retarded (Score 0) 709

Not everyone has the time or the resources to grow it. Hell have you ever grown it, it stinks, takes up a lot of room, if done indoors not to mention the light=electric bill. And if outside if you don't own your own land it would be up to the management to decide if it could be grown, Say a trailer park. As for the markup, The feds mark up the street cost to cover their collective ass on spending. When they spend $250,000+court fees to bust a dealer for pot that has an HONEST street value of $1500.00 is at best corrupt. And as for the tax any hardcore smoker already has the resources to grow their own and are already doing it TAX FREE. The casual smoker WILL pay a tax to have the ability to go and buy a pack of weed.You must grow all your own food meat and veg's, i bet you make all your own clothes too,and furniture? No you don't because it is a better trade off to pay more for something then to grow,or make it for many people. We all pay for convenience at some point. Look in the mirror next time you make a slur on someone's cognitive or social ability just because they do not share your narrow point of view...

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