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Comment Re:The police and health care are not the same (Score 1) 739

and why not, again? Ever took a look at the NHS (england)? Or securite social (France)? or Krankenversicherung (Germany)? what part of your "absolutely not" is failing there? All citizens have access to a system that provides unversal healthcare in different ways, independently of their age and pension. AND if they want a premium service (faster attention, better infrastructure), they can allways pay it by themselves. In spain, if you want to have surgery on your knee (non vital), you might have to wait 6 months. You can pay a private surgeon and get it done faster, but you would get your service in either case. In france, the rehabilitation system covers the generic personal rehab (with an official title). You want the most famous guy? the goverment will only reimburse you the official quota.. Both this countries have a dramatically less cos-per capita on healthcare, and better healthcare outcomes (expectancy of live, child decease rates, quality of live on elderly people. Both taking into consideration median and average values. And this applies to Italy, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Uk... It's objective and measurable that the US has the worst investment-outcomes in healthcare in the whole world. Don't try to defend a broken system. One thing is true, though: Everytime I have healtchare assistance on the US, I feel like a prince. It does not compare to the service on the NHS, (for example).

Comment Re:You shouldn't need insurance for most things (Score 1) 739

funny thing is: all the political systems that provided "free food" (I never talked about free, I talked about payed by taxes), by being commnunist, ended up pretty wrong. Now take a look at the countries with a public healthcare system. Yes, every single developed country on the world EXCEPT the US. If you don't want to see the reality, it does not matter how many proofs we have for you. Yours is a good example of being a fanatic taliban...

Comment Re:You shouldn't need insurance for most things (Score 5, Insightful) 739

That you have to pay "cash" to get medical attention strucks me as hard as if you'd had to pay to have the police assiting you, or that if you had to pay to get your children into the school. All of those are basic rights that any development country considers "essential". Of course you pay for them, but you do so in your taxes... and if you want a premium service, then yes: you can use your cash as much as you want, and have hot blonde nurses for all I care. American republicans are fucked up around private healthcare. Why don't they ask for only-private police? that only serves and protects those that can afford it? or only-private education?

Submission + - Millions of Yahoo webcam images intercepted by GCHQ (

Extensa30 writes: With all the sound that NSA is making, I'm surprised that no one has sent this story about what's happening on the UK!: First they were looking at our emails, and now, they have screenshots from our video conferences. And yes, that include your naked body (11% of all the images taken), or that of your girlfriend, doughter, father... and not only you don't need to be a suspect: it's perfectly legal for them to do so. This is pretty scary. why no one is making any noise about it??

Comment Re:European Model... (Score 2, Interesting) 265

well, that is not true AT ALL. I've been living in 4 different countries so far, with mobile phones bought in the 4 of them (spain, france, england and germany so far). Pretty much each country does different: in some of them the higher the forfait you agree to pay monthly, the cheaper the phone is, in others there is not such an agreement (well, allways a 5 euros or so), but I've NEVER seen paying money just for the line (and with that I mean money that does not come, or can not be spent in calls) The parent is shimply lying.

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