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Comment Remember that CS is more than computer tinkering (Score 0) 467

I rarely post on /., but this is something I feel I need to get my $0.02 in on. I love computers for the power that they give you to solve problems. I have a BS in applied math and an MS in CS. I hate linux. I have a linux system and I absolutely hate having to deal with it. In fact, I don't have any coworkers that like to work with linux either. There's a simple reason for that. I see a computer as a powerful too to help me write software to implement my algorithms. Anything that makes that process take more time annoys me. Linux is for people who like to tinker with computers. Some CS people just want to write algorithms, or just want to write beautiful interfaces, or maybe just make interesting applications. There are others that love the OS and its interface with the hardware. Remember to keep in mind that just because someone is a "CS student" doesn't meant that they should know how to use, or even like, linux. Telling intro students that they have to either like linux or GTFO is counter-productive and you could drive off someone who could have made great advances in CS otherwise.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 2, Interesting) 505

You seem to assume that your code is correct. What if, by allowing others to audit it, bugs were found that significantly altered the output. Wouldn't that be something that you'd be interested in? Or, what if you spent years working on your doctoral thesis but at the last second found an error in your software that was what allowed your results to be in line with your assumptions and theory work? Would you scrap your years of work, or would you ignore it since you're freaking tired of working on it and want to be done already? Now assume that the results of your work are used to set public policy somewhere down the road...would you be honest enough to stand up and say it was fraudulent?

Comment My 2 cents (Score 1) 564

I sit here, writing this reply, on a motherboard fake raid that's down one HD. All of my data is still here. It's all still easily accessible and I can keep using this system while I wait for the HD that I ordered to show up so I can get back to full data duplication. It's a very handy feature considering that if I had had the HD fail and wasn't using RAID, I'd be SOL as far as this system is concerned. To those who say that RAID isn't backup, they're right. Making any copies of your data and keeping them in the same building as the original data is also not a backup, as a fire can easily wipe it all out. For general usage, keeping your systems operable during disk failures, I think that RAID is a wonderful thing to use and I just use the fake raid of the motherboard. On my linux system, I use a software raid because it's easier than getting the system to recognize the motherboard-based solutions. If that's changed by now, then that's great, but it wasn't an option when I built the system.

Comment Re:Border Patrol checkpoints (Score 1) 979

Pfft! I too have been through that station on I25 N of Las Cruces a hundred times. I got searched once, when I fit the profile of drug smuggler. Unfortunately, I did happen to have around an eighth of an ounce of pot in my golf bag. The searched with the drug dog. I was cooperative and told them what they would find. They marched me inside to the john, gave me the bag and told me to dump it and flush. I did. They let me go. They told me they were just there to catch large amounts of drugs. Someone has to do it I suppose. If those checkpoints didn't deter illegal immigration then illegals wouldn't pour across the border on foot far from roads. Quit your whining. I now live in a sanctuary city, Denver. The illegal population here is HUGE and the government does nothing about it.

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