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Comment Re:Supremacy Clause (Score 1) 601

I know it might be too late for you to catch this, but this caught my eye:

However, if your friend comes to you with a request to go flying...well, don't let the FAA find out (they have busted pilots for receiving no more compensation than logging the flight time!).

how does this affect Angel Flights?

I know that it's an amazing program with a great cause, but one would think that a government organization like the FAA would have rather strict guidelines, and be leery of exemptions (however noble the cause)

Comment Re:Wow, does that PR stunt even work anymore? (Score 1) 350

Fair enough.
You've raised some interesting points about British and International Law (both of which I know very little about).

I won't ask you to unmask yourself here by posting an identifying document like that, but the whole situation is fascinating. It's always interesting to watch what happens when the state's monopoly of violence intersects with the liberties of its citizens (particularly when the state purports a facade of democracy).

Thanks for the introduction to the case - I expect that a weekend of reading is in store. [though if you wish to spoil the ending, I'd love to get a personal perspective on how it turned out (if it has, in fact, been processed yet)]

Comment Re:Wow, does that PR stunt even work anymore? (Score 1) 350

there is no lawful means by which the owner could hope to prevent it, save by appealing to a British court, which means the owner recognizes the sovereignty of Britain.

perhaps a simple matter of semantics, but does one necessarily follow the other?
That is to say (and, please forgive my ignorance on the matter), I assume that non-British citizens can petition the court and do have some standing to sue (just as non-citizens can be sued by the British court) to redress some wrong.

If that is the case, does asking the British courts to issue an injunction against the British Navy necessitate a recognition of sovereignty?

and if such a request of the court does imply such a recognition, where is the line drawn? Can the United States, or Mexico, or China ask the British government to refrain from blowing up their stuff without such a recognition?

and to where would the recognition apply? Do we acknowledge that the British possess total sovereignty (of all it surveys), or simply sovereignty over its own Navy, or would it be sovereignty over the requesting nation?

Comment Re:First to say (Score 0) 291

You can only perjure yourself if you "knowingly" make a false statement under oath

Not so. The State is quite capable of convicting you of perjury if you make the mistake of truthfully answering a question asked, instead of truthfully answering the question that they meant to ask

Submission + - Billig blekk til din Canon MP220 blekkskriver (

sergiohardin1230 writes: De store blekkskriver produsentene tar seg meget godt betalt for blekk, fotopapir og andre reservedeler til produktene sine.

Men skal blekk virkelig koste sÃ¥ masse? Svaret er selvfÃlgelig NEI!, det du betaler for er merkenavnet og i flere tilfeller et godt pÃ¥slag i noen nettbutikker. Du kan fÃ¥ kjÃpt fult kompatibelt og billig blekk fra flere andre kvalitetsprodusenter til en lavere pris. I tillegg finnes det ogsÃ¥ butikker som tilbyr orginale blekkpatroner langt rimligere enn andre. SÃ¥ velg rett for Ã¥ fÃ¥ de beste prisene.

Som bestefar alltid sa: "penger spart er penger tjent", så bruk heller pengene på noe du virkelig vil ha.


Submission + - On the net Buying Mall - A New Way to Store

jimkent923 writes: You get credit score when they purchase.

There is no motive every person shouldn't private a absolutely free on the net fundraising mall to supplement any other fundraising efforts they maintain.

Would you like to make income working from household with your personal absolutely pre-stocked on the net shopping shop? You can start out at this time your possess turnkey on the internet searching mall enterprise with countless numbers of products and solutions devoid of shelling out countless numbers in stock. Moreover, you will be managing your private charges too and making from seventy five-a hundred and fifty% profit!

It is genuine. You can have nowadays your possess World-wide-web Shopping Mall with brand name names items, this sort of as Sony, Panasonic, JVC, and lots of additional. Plus, you will be supplying "as found on TV" items with uncomplicated phase by action guide to begin your on-line purchasing mall these days, the most effective plan for a dwelling based mostly small business!

Between the benefits of beginning your personal home net business enterprise are that you will be conserving extended traffic hours of driving as well as paying high gasoline rates. As well as, you will have your private On-line Shopping Mall perfect in your house.

The upcoming gain is that you do not have to pack goods neither mail them. All is automated. Don't you like this? In simple phrases, you can operate your automated 24/7 internet enterprise without having worrying about stock, having to pay workforce, renting area, or composing orders! On top rated of that, customer assistance is also furnished to support you strengthen your business, even while you are sleeping.

Guidelines incorporate easy explanations on how you can get started your On the net Searching Mall Small business from residence right now. You can decide on your very own domain title or we will provide you with a free domain name that you pick out.

Besides, you can promote your On the internet Browsing Mall from the comfort and ease of your residence when spending time with your family. Characteristics contain:

" Market on auction web-sites

" Straightforward to run

" a hundred% Automated

" Offered globe-vast

" Free domain name

" Completely stocked, customizable retail store

" Get the job done as considerably or as minimal as you want

" Revenue from your retail outlet with out ever before purchasing merchandise or fulfilling orders

" Cost-free drop-shipping

" Serious Time Keep Targeted visitors/Earnings Data

" Cost-free Banners to promote your retailer

" AdSense Area

" And additional...

I can listing more and a lot more rewards and options, but I quite have you go right to the web page and see for yourself. Therefore, click right here to see how basic and effortless will be to start off your quite very own On the internet Browsing Mall and make capital on the internet from the convenience of your household.

To summarize, your dream of functioning from property with your really private On the internet Shopping Mall without paying 1000's in products and solutions or promotions, is a fact. You can commence currently by just believing in your dream and get all set to start off your property World wide web On the internet Searching Store with more than three,500 goods presently pre-stocked. Online Mall and Grocery Stores, Online Mall and Grocery Stores, Online Mall and Grocery Stores

Submission + - Google discontinues Labs (

Expertus writes: goolge reports: "Last week we explained that we’re prioritizing our product efforts. As part of that process, we’ve decided to wind down Google Labs. While we’ve learned a huge amount by launching very early prototypes in Labs, we believe that greater focus is crucial if we’re to make the most of the extraordinary opportunities ahead.

In many cases, this will mean ending Labs experiments—in others we’ll incorporate Labs products and technologies into different product areas." Enjoy them while they last

Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Linux based RC Control System (

Spliffster writes: DIY drones today are usually controlled with a classic RC transmitter in manual mode or from a ground station software on a laptop (using 900/2400MHz or GSM links). The ground station let's you view your drone on a map, set way points, view attitude and view a video stream from an on-board camera.

The "Open Source RC Control System" will combine an RC "transmitter" with a touch screen (AMOLED 4.3") for ground station functions. This RC control system will have very interesting features like On-board 3D Simulator, telemetry communication link, bluetooth, wifi, gps, 16-40 Channels and a custom "receiver" for full bi-directional communication.

This open source hardware project is currently in planning stage, a fund raising has been started to raise $15.000 (remember, this is a hardware project). You can donate for the OSRC project at:

Comment Re:Vendor lock-in? (Score 1) 205

And to improving VBA support in things like LibreOffice, too; VBA is a close relative of VB6.

This. We have so many Macros and scripts in VBA (especially in Excel), that it's more cost effective to upgrade to a new version of Office every 3-5 years than it would ever be to port everything over to Open/LibreOffice. Open up VBA and the Excel folks will be happy to switch - they are the ones watching the money and licenses. Everyone else just uses Word to make passive-aggressive notes for the lunchroom.

Submission + - States Attorneys General sign petition Congress to (

Expertus writes: Several States Attorneys General have signed a petition urging Congress to pass the PROTECT IP act.

from the letter:
"A growing number of rogue websites are based overseas, presenting
law enforcement with unique enforcement challenges. We are therefore
extremely pleased that in Washington, D.C., both the House and Senate have
turned their attention to this major problem. Legislation is needed to disrupt
the counterfeiting and pirate business model by cutting those sites off from the
American marketplace. This narrowly tailored response to clearly illegal
activity would enable effective action against the worst of the worst
counterfeiters and pirates online."

A PDF of the petition, along with the signatures of each supporter is hosted on the MPAA's website. Not included is a list of term expiration dates (where applicable) for each elected Attorney General

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