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Comment Re:This this not evolution (Score 1) 253

Actually, "wheat allergy" is very real. It's called celiac disease and it's an auto-immune disorder. It's related to the gluten proteins found in common grains such as wheat. I have it and I can tell you that it's a very painful and unpleasant experience after I have been "glutened."

Comment Re:TLD explosion? (Score 1) 303

Oh god! Why did you have to bring up TLD's in the nuclear context? Brings back six years of hell aboard the submarine. Oh shit!! Here comes back the flashbacks!!! "Reville, reville! All hands turn to, commence Field Day!!! Muster a 15 man working party with Senior Chief Poling in Missle Compartment Middle Level!" "All Ahead Flank Cavitate, Torpedo in the Water!!!" "Conn, Maneuvering. Request permission to stop the shaft for training!" "Man Battle Stations Missle. Set Condition 1SQ. Simulate spinning up Missles 1 through 24" "Attention men, this is the captain!!! Liberty is suspended until Morale improves!!!!" "Commencing normal Reactor Shutdown!" Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. Oh my god, now the FBI's coming after me!!! I'm going to prison!!! They're going to lock up me now!!!! Now I'm going to show up on 60 minutes with a bag over my head and electric wires sticking out my penis for spilling National Security secrets. I only hope that my tormenter is better looking than PFC England!!!

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