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Comment Re: UBlock = inferior + inefficient vs. hosts (Score 1) 165

You shut your mouth! APK is a national treasure. Like the World's Largest Ball of Yarn, or Donald Trump's toupee. Anyone who can envision a Slashdot without his enlightened and charming meditations is a dirty, dirty heliocentrist.


More soberly, I honestly think he has schizophrenia. His writing and formatting is consistent with that exhibited in TimeCube and bears some resemblance to that of Francis E. Dec, Esq.

Comment Satya Nadella (Score 1) 108

At first, your misspelling of the man's name struck me as humorous. So I googled the right way to spell it. Oddly, there are about half as many hits for "Satay Nutella" as "Satya Nadella." Most of those were indeed posts about the CEO of Microsoft. That would imply either this is a pretty common misspelling, or that it's intentional. Interestingly, there were a couple of hits that were links to recipes for a hazelnut dipping sauce for chicken skewers. YUM!!

But to your actual point. It is amazing how often these sorts of bonus structures have unintended consequences. Like the Office Depot computer people who would get a bonus based on a percentage of people who bought equipment with their stupid extra warranty. Safety bonus programs that reward reporting certain types of events (like trips or hand injuries), now all of a sudden people are dropping hammers on fingers. Or capping out a sales bonus, so a sales person just doesn't bother after he's met his quota.

A well constructed incentive plan is hard to come by.

Comment Re:Well we all know what Muslims are like (Score 1) 96

When did it become OK to bash an entire religious population on slashdot? It seems to be happening a lot more often, and I find it pretty disturbing. Let's try on a different version of your comments.

Baptists are incapable of rational thought or putting things in perspective. Drink, dance, or have anal sex and they go into an uncontrollable rage.

That makes about as much sense.

Comment Re:Unproven (Score 1) 75

My son's dairy allergy was present from the get go. He barfed all over the place his second exposure to dairy. Don't know about the peanut allergy, because my wife is allergic, so they weren't ever in the house to begin with. There are a lot of things that are very prevalent in the US of A that aren't as common in other places. But in my opinion it's just a matter of having outsmarted Darwin. 100 years ago, my father would have died in childhood due to his asthma. Instead, he passed that gene along to me. I too would have died in childhood. And now my son is poised to spread his own genetic misery on to the next generation.

Comment email the CEO (Score 1) 209

I have found the fastest way to get the attention of somebody who can help you solve your problem is to email the CEO of the company. Just take a stab at what their email address is, based on the email addresses of other people in the company.

I had been getting the runaround from my energy company for about a week. This was a medium-sized industrial account, and we were trying to reconnect following some storm damage to the pole. Finally after somebody on the phones basically said there were no records of the other six calls I had made, I got fed up. Guessed on the CEO's address, got it right. Wrote a professional letter explaining the situation. The next day there were three trucks at my door, and two engineers on the phone.

We were introduced to this method by my electrician's wife. Any time she doesn't get love from Comcast, or Verizon, or Lennar, etc., she just emails the CEO. Works every time.

Comment Re:It's good to be king (Score 1) 1010

I too am shocked -- SHOCKED! -- that some people are treated differently in this country. This is the first time such inequality has ever been on display. EVER!!! Except when gays could be arrested for having sex in their own homes (2003), or when black people couldn't marry white people (1967), or when women couldn't vote (1920), or when you could own other humans (1863), or when you had to own land to vote (1792-1856).

Comment Re:I think this means Trump (Score 1) 1010

This is actually a pretty good analogy. I work for a company with unreliable IT practices. Our email system is based on Office365 Outlook or whatever the hell, so I know that's not the problem. But for whatever reason email will be down from time to time. I could just cross my arms and say, "no work for me today" but I actually like my job, and like to get work done. My solution is to use my personal email address. My guess is she she got tired of the whinging from some IT underlings and just decided "screw this, I'll just get it done myself." She probably knew it was all illegal, but she didn't give a shit, because she's Hillary Fucking Clinton. I don't like her any more than the orange troll, but this has always been a witch hunt.

A buddy of mine is former military and a reluctant Trump supporter (was Cruz). Even he agreed, basically if the Secretary of State says it's sufficiently unclassified enough for her to put it on a personal server, there aren't a lot of people who can disagree with her.

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