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Comment My cancelled subscription begs to differ (Score 2) 161

I cancelled earlier in November for this very reason. They've got their market all wrong. The biggest benefit Netflix had was the volume of movies that you haven't watched but had some interest in. To recharacterize thier users as people who watch what they want prior to netflix, is a big mistake because that's where netflix had its biggest value.

If this is the real reality, the price of netflix should come down to reflect the diminished quality and selection.

I'm at amazon now. Amazon and chill.

Comment Re:laptops on the conveyor belt (Score 1) 168

I think the fact that they are actually catching a lot of stuff ... you know, the point of TFA ... proves the screening worthwhile.

Really? Catching a few knives and guns (not to mention the honey, fake grenades, and home electronic projects) is worth the $7,599,999,999.95 we spend on it every year? How many people planned on using these "weapons" on the aircraft? Oh that's right. None of them (except the lady with the hot sauce grenade, because airplane food sucks). We should be going after dangerous people, not dangerous things. But we know these are not dangerous people, because after the TSA finds the knife or gun, they confiscate it and let the person get on their plane.

Comment Re:IRS can only pursue taxes on "income" (Score 1) 203

Thanks to you input, I just had this revelation:

If the 1099 documentation is already being generated for the "sizable" transactions (I think the current lower limit to trigger reporting is $600 - but don't quote me) then there is only one purpose: "If they can get all the US taxpayers in the block chain and their bitcoin addresses, they can continue to erode the pseudo anonymity."

Comment IRS can only pursue taxes on "income" (Score 1) 203

There is no definition of income in the constitution, and there are a bunch of convoluted court rulings on income taxation. (It's not all that comes in.) This move by the IRS is (as I believe) to be unprecedented. It is effectively assuming that any american who traded bitcoin was evading the income tax without any evidence thereof. This presupposition of guilt is what makes it newsworthy. Anyone who traded btc is assumed to have evaded the tax, even though self-reporting is the obligation of the taxpayer always applies. Furthermore, the taxes due would only be on the profits of trading, just like a stock. But unlike a standard stock broker, a 1099-B would not be issued by coinbase automatically. It's not coinbase's responsibility to report, it's the taxpayers.

Good luck evading this one... the blockchain is public. Which begs the question... does the IRS have blockchain analysis tools?

Comment Wielding Windows Phones... (Score 1) 157

Is not a threat to anyone. Not even BlackBerry.

Your company lost the mobile wars. Suck it up. Nadella knows it's a hard sell breaking into a market. To break in you've got to break the chicken-egg cycle of getting apps on your platform. Metro wasn't the killer UI that it needed to be to pull users over in the absence of apps. Microsoft, if they really are committed, have to play the long game, basically replicating features until they can switch out the OS (the thing that runs apps, and not so much the UI) and not have users notice. However all the apps are digital data silos, vehemently protected by their owners. Don't expect it to be easy, or cheap. MS dropped $10B to get Nokia and look how that turned out.

Ultimately, MS stagnated, developers defected, and now no real innovation happens on Windows, and it's a hard sell to get mindshare back. We've seen a future that doesn't involve MS. Nadella knows this and is recapitulating for sins of his predecessors. It will take a long time because there's no real reason to continue with MS. Everything is platform independent now. Except phones. It's a losing gambit all-around.

Comment glossolalia (Score 1) 228

I was raised in the Assembly of God church, a "full-gospel" or "Pentecostal" tradition. The movie "Jesus Camp" was basically how I spent a few weeks every summer. Baptism in the Holy Spirit is manifested by speaking in tongues, also called glossolalia. The sensation of losing control of your verbal faculties is very ... bizarre. It is a strangely compelling reason to believe in an invisible man in the sky.

Fast forward a few years. In college, I was getting stoned with some friends. One of them had been to church with me as a kid. She pointed out that at a particularly high point in the evening, I started speaking in tongues. I found this very interesting, and the sensation was indeed similar to what I had experienced in church. There is definitely something to the whole "opiate of the masses" thing. Drugs and religion very clearly change the function of the brain in dramatic ways.


Malicious Video Link Can Cause Any iOS Device To Freeze ( 53

A new bug in iOS has surfaced that will cause any iOS device to freeze when trying to view a certain .mp4 video in Safari. YouTube channel EverythingApplePro explains the bug in a video titled "This Video Will CRASH ANY iPhone!" 9to5Mac reports: As you'll see in the video below from EverythingApplePro, viewing a certain video in Safari will cause iOS to essentially overload and gradually become unusable. We won't link the infectious video here for obvious reasons, but you can take our word for it when we say that it really does render your device unusable. It's not apparently clear as to why this happens. The likely reason is that it's simply a corrupted video that's some sort of memory leak and when played, iOS isn't sure how to properly handle it, but there's like more to it than that. Because of the nature of the flaw, it isn't specific to a certain iOS build. As you can see in the video below, playing the video on an iPhone running as far back as iOS 5 will cause the device to freeze and become unusable. Interestingly, with iOS 10.2 beta 3, if you let an iPhone affected by the bug sit there for long enough, it will power off and indefinitely display the spinning wheel that you normally see during the shutdown process. If someone sends you the malicious link and you fall for it, this is luckily a pretty easy problem to fix. All you have to do is hard reboot your device. For any iPhone but the iPhone 7, this can be done by long-pressing the power and Home buttons at the same time. The iPhone 7, of course, uses a new non-mechanical Home button. In order to reboot an iPhone 7, you must long-press the power button and volume down button at the same time.

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