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Submission + - Scientists seek pedophile volunteers for chemical castration research trial (

An anonymous reader writes: A team of scientists from Sweden is seeking volunteers with pedophilic disorder to test out a form of chemical castration aimed at men who have not abused or targeted any children. The team is hoping to conduct scientific trials in the UK to see if a drug called degarelix, usually used to treat prostate cancer, can lower testosterone in males before they commit any offences.

Testosterone is key to the main factors in why men act on their pedophilic thoughts – high sexual arousal, disturbed self-regulation and low empathy – so scientists hope administrating the drug could help suppress these urges.

Submission + - UK scientists designing cement to safely store nuclear waste for 100,000 years (

An anonymous reader writes: A team of British scientists are working on designing a form of cement which could safely withstand the harmful effects of nuclear waste for thousands of years. The team at the UK's synchrotron science facility, Diamond Light Source, said the project will be vital as Britain looks to expand on its nuclear industry.

The team believe the new material is 50% better at reducing the impact of radiation than current storage solutions. The government is set to choose a location of where to store the estimated 300,000 cubic metres of radioactive waste which is estimated to have been accumulated by the UK by 2030.

Submission + - British politicians delete negative Wikipedia descriptions before election (

EwanPalmer writes: The Wikipedia pages of dozens of UK politicians had references to sex scandals, fraud and opposition to same sex marriage removed in the run up to the UK general election.
Dozens of MPs had negative aspects of their online biographies removed or altered prior to the election in a bid to make them more electable.
The changes include several instances of MPs' expense claim scandals being removed, as well as details of arrests and the use of "chauffeur-driven cars".
The edits were made using computers with IP addresses registered from inside parliament.

Submission + - Audi creates 'fuel of the future' using just carbon dioxide and water (

EwanPalmer writes: German car manufacturer Audi says it has created the "fuel of the future" made solely from water, carbon dioxide and renewable sources.

The synthetic "e-diesel" was made following a commissioning phase of just four months at a plant in Dresden, Germany. Germany's federal minister of education and research, Dr Johanna Wanka, said she has already used the fuel in her Audi A8, and the company hopes to produce at least 160 liters of the crystal clear fuel every day in the coming months.

Submission + - Robin Williams makes sure advertisers can't use his image for 25 years ( 1

EwanPalmer writes: Prior to his death, Robin Williams made sure his image could not be used in any film or advertisement for at least 25 years.

Before he died in August, the actor signed over his name, signature, photograph and likeness to the Windfall Foundation, a charitable organisation set up by his legal representatives, which meant Williams will not be featuring in any advert or digitally inserted into any film until at least 11 August 2039.

It is believed the ruling is an updated form of a privacy contract and could be seen as a landmark model for how celebrities control use of their image after their death.

Submission + - Social Media and 'Sexting' Are Damaging Children's Mental Health (

EwanPalmer writes: Children's mental health services do not sufficiently understand how the social media proliferation of cyberbullying, "sexting" and websites dedicated to promoting anorexia and self-harm are damaging young people, according to a report.

According to British politicians, more research needs to be done on how online abuse and other forms of digital communications are affecting the well-being of young people. The report suggests there could be a link between the sharp increase of children and young people seeking treatment for mental health problems and social media and digital culture becoming an integral part of life.

Submission + - An Independent Scotland Could Grant Edward Snowden Asylum (

EwanPalmer writes: A petition which urged Scotland to grant Edward Snowden political asylum will be considered again if the country votes for independence.

The historic 18 September vote could mean Scotland cuts its ties from the rest of the UK and longer claim to be a part of the "special relationship" it shares with the US.

The campaign to allow Snowden asylum into Scotland was discussed in front of Scottish politicians, adding the whislteblower actions were of significance to "every single citizen in Scotland".

Supports also said granting Snowden asylum would signal a "clean break against the intrusiveness of the UK security state".

Submission + - Former World Leaders to Meet with UN to Discuss Drug Decriminalization (

EwanPalmer writes: Several former world leaders and members of the United Nations are set to call upon governments around the world to decriminalize drugs.

Former presidents of Brazil, Columbia and Switzerland are among the former leaders who have united to call for proper regulation of drug use and possession, along with Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, former Secretary General of the UN Kofi Annan and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour.

A report, released by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, says it is time to "break the taboo" and admit the way on drugs is a "failure" as well as recommending new major reforms for drug prohibition. The Commissioners are also set to meet with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and UN Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson to discuss the proposals mentioned in the report.

Submission + - Cancer Charity Rejects Reddit Donations Following Celeb Photo Leak (

EwanPalmer writes: A cancer research charity has rejected a donation worth several thousand dollars from Reddit, after its users hosted and shared recently leaked nude photographs of celebrities on the site.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation reportedly received more than $6,000 from Redditors who subscribed to a thread which featured the controversial leaked photographs called r/TheFappening.

However, the charity has rejected the money as they would "never condone raising funds for cancer research in this manner".

Submission + - 'Godfather of Ecstasy' Sasha Shulgin Dies Aged 88 (

EwanPalmer writes: Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin, the chemist, pharmacologist and author known for popularizing the drug MDMA as well as creating and synthesizing hundreds of psychoactive drugs, has died aged 88.

Shulgin was known for discovering, creating and personally testing hundreds of psychoactive chemicals and documenting the results, along with his wife, in his books and papers.

He is also known for introducing the positive aspects of MDMA to psychologists, which in term helped it become a popular recreational drug in the 1980s.

Submission + - Coroner Expresses Concern Over Call of Duty Following Suicides of Four Teenagers (

EwanPalmer writes: A coroner has expressed "great concern" about the video game Call of Duty following the deaths of four teenagers who regularly played it.

Speaking at the inquest of the death of a 16-year-old British boy, the coroner expressed his concern over the game after it became a factor in "three of four" inquests into the deaths of teenagers.

The boy's father told the inquest that Call of Duty was the game he "always" played and had "no concerns" about him taking his life.

Submission + - British Politician Responsible for Running NHS Promotes Pro-Homeopathic Studies (

EwanPalmer writes: Health secretary Jeremy Hunt pushed pro-homeopathy studies on to the chief medical officer and asked her to review the treatment's perceived medical benefits, despite the NHS stand on alternative medicines, which regards many of them unproven.

Hunt, who is responsible for running the NHS, is said to have asked Prof Dame Sally Davies to review three studies which examined the possible health benefits of homeopathy.

A guide to homeopathy on the NHS website states there is "no good-quality evidence" that homeopathy is effective as a treatment for any health condition.

Submission + - Suicide Teenager Posted Abusive Messages Herself (

EwanPalmer writes: A teenager who was found hanged after allegedly receiving abuse on social media website posted the messages herself, an inquest has heard.

Hannah Smith, 14, was found dead at her home last August. Her parents believed she killed herself because she had been the victim of cyberbullying on the website. However, police said there was no evidence that the 14-year-old was the victim of online bullying and on the "balance of probabilities" she posted the "vile" messages herself.

The controversy surrounding her death led to introducing new safety features to help tackle bullying on the website. Several advertisers also cut ties with the Latvia-based company over "deep concerns over cyberbullying".

Submission + - GoPro Project Claims Technology is Making People Lose Empathy for Homeless (

EwanPalmer writes: A project involving GoPro cameras and people living on the streets of San Francisco has suggests technology is making people feel less compassionate towards the homeless.

Started by Kevin F Adler, the Homeless GoPro project aims to “build empathy through a first-hand perspective” by strapping one of the cameras onto homeless volunteers to document their lives and daily interactions.
One of the volunteers, Adam Reichart, said he believes it is technology which is stopping people feel sympathy towards people living on the street as it’s easier to have “less feelings when you're typing something” than looking at them in the eye

Submission + - Scientists 'Tricked' Into Appearing in Geocentric Universe Documentary (

EwanPalmer writes: Three scientists and Star Trek actress Kate Mulgrew say they were duped into appearing in a controversial documentary which claims the Earth is the center of the Universe.

The Principle, a film which describes itself as "destined to become one of the most controversial films of our time”, argues the long-debunked theory of geocentrism – where the earth is the center of the Universe and the Sun resolves around it – is true and Nasa has tried to cover it up.

The film features the narration of actress Mulgrew, who played the part of captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek Voyager, as well as three prominent scientists.

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