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Comment Re:Unless you have a 1st gen iPad ... (Score 1) 205

And if you decide to write your own private apps for your own iPad, you have to buy a Mac, pay Apple $99 a year, and keep provisioning every 3 months.

Around when the 3GS came out I had some good app ideas and was really excited to make them real. Then I found out you had to have a Mac. Not to be dissuaded, I found a Mac Mini for $400 at Microcenter. Unfortunately, the thing was so underpowered it was practically useless. Having already wasted $400 and still unable to get started, coupled with having to learn Obj-C, the idea basically died out. I know Apple's in business to make money, but the Mac requirement is a pretty big hurdle.

Comment No consumer demand for cars in the 1800s (Score 1) 573

There's no demand for what people don't know exists. Tivo was a great example - amazing product, people who have it love it, but Tivo couldn't explain why it was good so they had lots of problems. Now most people who have DVR can't imagine living without it. 5-10 years ago, there was no demand for it - Tivo had to create the market and the demand.

Comment Re:Thanks alot.... (Score 1) 155

Another thing about XP - any computer purchased in the past ~3 years is going to come with Windows 7. You can get Core i5 Lenovo laptops with 8gb ram for ~$600-$700. Yes, it costs money, but if your org is running computers from 2005, it's probably worth upgrading anyway, unless you have a valid reason for sticking with XP (e.g. your users run software that requires XP and won't run on Win7).

At my last job, cost was one of the barriers to upgrading to Win7. But we pitched it as a hardware upgrade - moving from slow Core Duo 1.8 ghz desktops with 2 GB ram to the Lenovos I described above. It was a huge win for us all around - we migrated to Win7 and upgraded the hardware in one shot, while improving everyone's workflow by moving from desktops to laptops.

Comment Only over wifi (Score 1) 134

Only over wifi, so this isn't much of a feature. And it's only to other Blackberry users who also happen to be on wifi, making it even less useful. And in general, voice is on the decline which is why some carriers are moving to unlimited voice & tiered data. Personally I've had over 4,000 rollover minutes from AT&T for 3-4 years, and that's with many expiring each month and with my wife and I sharing their smallest plan (500 shared minutes/month).

So this is cool, but I can't imagine this will sway anyone's opinion about buying a Blackberry or not.

Comment Bizarro world? (Score 2) 558

How is there opposition to this? Shouldn't "don't track me" be the default for all browsers? How is the FTC against this? Chamber of Commerce I could see... but the FTC is supposed to protect consumers, no? Personally, I think the setting should be inverted to a checkbox that says "Allow advertisers to track my online activities," with it unchecked by default, and inviting people to check it if they want. Let's see how far THAT gets. Stupid.

I guess it's like the logic that US food sellers use to prevent "country of origin" information from being included on meat and other food products. If a pack of chicken breasts was labeled "grown in China" Americans wouldn't eat it, so they leave that information out, even though it's pretty important.

In summary: profit.

Comment Just do it. (Score 1) 383

This is a clear instance where the right course of action is simply to go ahead and set up what you need. You don't need to ask permission. Just do it. Once it's done and all code has been moved into git/svn/whatever, you can either tell the supervisor what you've done, or not. If the supervisor isn't technical then there's no need for them to be troubled.

The closest analogy I can think of is: you started your job and found spilled milk on the floor. The correct course of action would be to clean up the spill, not to ask for permission to clean up the spill, or ask your supervisor how best to clean up the spill. You know what needs to be done, so just do it.

Comment Mystery? (Score 5, Insightful) 239

I always assumed the answer was something to the effect of:

boolean siriEnabled() {
    return (system.cpu.version >= 5.0);

Is anything else really needed? They don't want to support it on older models so you have to buy the new one. Conversely, if you really want the feature, buy the latest phone. Personally I find Siri an overhyped piece of junk. I have a 4S and I disabled it because it kept getting activated randomly and rarely understood my commands. Plus for the basic stuff like weather, I can just open the app. The anecdotal crap like "Will I need an umbrella today?" is just a dumb gimmick to me. But anyway, the fact is that the 4S is really an incremental improvement over the 4, and Siri is the one feature Apple can point to on the 4S as a differentiator, so they enforce that differentiation.

Comment Re:SOPA (Score 1) 241

SOPA provides for deep packet inspection, so they can in fact block IP addresses.

Issa says he's planning to offer amendments to SOPA that would "reduce" the discretion of the U.S. attorney general, who under the legislation would be allowed to seek a court order to make allegedly piratical Web sites virtually vanish from the Internet, including through Internet Protocol address blocking and deep packet inspection. In a separate statement, Issa said SOPA v2.0 "retains the fundamental flaws of its predecessor." (See CNET's FAQ on SOPA.)


Comment Re:Umm, how about a little context? (Score 1) 227

No, the first link, http://it.slashdot.org/story/11/11/16/1810231/experts-convinced-duqu-work-of-stuxnet-authors , talks about Duqu being related to Stuxnet, but offers no indication about what Duqu is or who it's affecting. Yes, I can google it and look it up on Wikipedia. The point is that an editor should do that. A simple sentence like "Duqu, the recently-discovered malware that's related to Stuxnet, which researchers believe is being used to log Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's porn collection...", or some other 10-word summary of what it is, is what editors are supposed to provide.

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