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Android Ported To iPhone 280

anethema writes "iPhone hacker planetbeing, from the iPhone Dev Team, has successfully ported the Android OS over to the iPhone. He is doing it on a first-generation iPhone, but others may be possible. The port is pretty functional, with data, voice, and many apps working, although it is running a bit sluggish and buggy at the moment. There appears to be much work left."
The Almighty Buck

How To Make Money With Free Software 81

bmsleight writes "The Dutch Ministry of Finance organized an architecture competition to design not a building, but rather the new 5-Euro commemorative coin. The theme was 'Netherlands and Architecture'. The winning design was made 100% with free software, mainly Python, but also including The Gimp, Inkscape, Phatch, and Ubuntu. The design is amazing — the head of Queen Beatrix is made up of the names of architects based on their popularity in Yahoo searches (rendered in a font of the artist's own devising). In the end the artist, Stani Michiels, had to collaborate closely on location with technicians of the Royal Dutch Mint, so all the last bits were done on his Asus Eee PC. Soon, 350,000 Dutch people will use and enjoy the fruits of free software."
The Internet

Submission + - seeks a candidate for Congress (

foysavas writes: "The Free Government Party, a non-profit, open source political "meta-party" focused on providing citizens with more direct control of Congress through online polling and user-drafted bills, is seeking a candidate to endorse this year for U.S. Representative of Massachusetts' 8th Congressional District. If you're from the Boston area, you might have seen this already on Craigslist. The chosen candidate will be bound by contract to vote in Congress only as do his or her constituents online. However, this is not an attempt at direct democracy. To make voting convenient, an adviser system has been developed that enables users to select a team of advisers to cast the users' votes on bills and polls if they have not. Interviews for the candidate position are already underway, and anyone qualified from MA's 8th Congressional District who is interested should apply by sending an email to"

Submission + - Boeing Dreamliner Turns Into Nightmareliner (

An anonymous reader writes: It's not that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner wondercraft may be unsafe or vulnerable to hacker attacks. At this point, it seems everyone would be happy for it to arrive in any state. The 787's carbon-fiber construction and next-generation technology have pushed back their delivery schedule once again, this time requiring a redesign of the plane's wingbox. Airlines will have to wait 18 more months to get it delivered, which is an extremely serious blow to the credibility of the company and their financial standing, as they would have to pay penalties to the buyers of more than 850 of these planes. And we thought Airbus had problems.

Submission + - Comcast Blocking all SMTP 7

JoeRandomHacker writes: Comcast has long blocked outgoing traffic on port 25, forcing users to go through their mail servers, on the grounds that it causes too much spam, but allowed incoming traffic on port 25 for those wishing direct email delivery. Today I found that even port 25 on their mail servers was rejecting traffic, and no incoming mail has gotten through. Online chat with Comcast customer support indicates that this is a new policy, and all users are forced to go through port 587 and use authentication for email. I didn't get a specific answer on incoming email.
So much for having my own private webmail (via Squirrelmail), free from the control of corporate giants. Time to see if Verizon can do better over FIOS.

Submission + - Why Federal IPv6 Delays Suck ( writes: "Network Performance Daily examines why IPv6 is so important, and why the government's half-hearted efforts will bite corporate IT workers in the long term. FTA:

"Federal government agency CIOs are doing the bare minimum required by law to meet the mandate to move to the IPv6 network protocol by June, 2008. That bare minimum, according to this Network World story, is for all the hardware to be IPv6 capable — but does not actually require any IPv6 traffic to go across the network.... NAT solutions, of course, break P2P apps, impact network robustness by having an additional potential point of failure, and add complexity to the design and deployment of networks. Trying to solve IPv4 address exhaustion with more NAT is like trying to solve global warming with more air conditioning.... In response to the unadulterated panic associated with Y2K, the U.S. government passed the "Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act," which worked with private companies to solve the problem. So what will it take to get governments and corporations to move in a timely manner? Apparently, threat of nuclear Armageddon and a ticking digital clock.""

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