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Comment Re:Going to have a hard time topping modern remake (Score 3, Interesting) 173

The problem with X3 and Eve are their learning curves. They're vertical cliffs.

What I would hope is that the new Elite game has is a reasonable learning curve so it introduces players in a reasonable manner that doesn't scare them off.
Ultimately Elite 2 was a massive improvement over Elite and Elite 3 was more a refinement of Elite 2. I'm holding back judgement because every Elite game thus far has been great.

Comment Re:Distinction without... (Score 2) 328

If you're using it as a surveillance platform you probably don't want your video to be compressed (assuming lossy compression), last thing you want is to misidentify some vehicle as military target, drop a bomb or fire a hellfire missile at the thing only to discover it was really a civilian vehicle misidentified because of blockiness introduced by the video compression.

I'll assume they mean megabits too, that makes more sense. The cameras on something like a predator drone are quite probably very high resolution and there is more than one of them.

Comment Re:Beyond Firefox (Score 2, Informative) 293

Actually, if you go to the google earth download page undernearth the TOS there is an "advanced setup" option that expands to some tick boxes you can untick to download a version of google earth that doesn't include the horrible updater and a version that doesn't require admin rights that can install to the users directory.

Comment Re:Adobe Reader, now even slower! (Score 3, Informative) 201

Foxit is fine for home assuming you remember to correctly untick all the adware options. But in a work environment (I work at a printers) on average i'd say Foxit incorrectly renders PDFs about 5% of the time, leading to support calls whereas Adobe Readers incorrect rendering is pretty non-existent. (I actually tried switching work over to Foxit a while ago, nothing but support hassle from incorrectly rendered PDFs)

I'm not defending Adobe here because I think their reader is a bloated pos, but if you're going to recommend a third party PDF viewer then Sumatra is the best, it's light weight, loads damn near instantly and doesn't include a JS engine side stepping a lot of security issues.

Also, on the major attacks/flaws thing. Actually Foxit has had some seriously bad security issues, you need only google for "foxit reader security holes" or look on explot-db to see them.

Comment Alternatives (Score 2, Interesting) 201

Whilst an improvement I'll take a good bet it's still a memory and processor hog. I'd advise people to use Foxit but honestly these days it isn't much better and includes adware.

I personally use Sumatra at home, at work (I work at a print company so we receive lots of PDFs) we use Adobe Reader but I've made sure to disable JS by default in it. It's amazing just how many attacks disabling JS stops. The really impressive thing is that of the massive amount of PDFs work receives we very rarely have one that requires JS. The unfortunate reality of PDFs though is that Adobes Reader is the best renderer, whilst say with Sumatra or Foxit may get 5% rendered incorrectly that's a lot of needless support calls and hassle.

Comment Oh great (Score 1) 346

Great, just great.. the solicitors are from Leeds too. My home town, it'd only be a relatively short walk to get to them in town too.

Thanks Addlestone Keane Law, great way to help the international reputation of Leeds.. for fucks sake. This is going to go streisand effect, I just know it.

Comment Re:Google map it (Score 2, Informative) 560

I doubt that, from what I can tell this radio transmission uses AM high frequency. MF/HF (which are used by this and other typical radio broadcasts) won't travel that much through water. For communication with submarines VLF and ELF is used as it has decent penetration, plus because of the very low transmission rates (data rates) that can be achieved audio/voice transmission isn't possible so they have to rely on simple text messages.

See this as an example.

Comment Re:Is he bloody stupid? (Score 1, Informative) 447

The big names have treated the single player PC gamer rather well of late: Bioshock, Dragon Age, Fallout, Mass Effect, etc

Bioshock, console port. Fallout 3, console port. Dragon Age, console port. (Dragon Age is probably the only one that is on an equal footing, all the others are after thoughts) Mass Effect, console port, etc.

Comment Re:On2 video patents (Score 1) 399

You assume On2 is a small dinky company, but it isn't. It's a part of Google now remember. I'm sure Google hold more than their fair share of patents too to turn this into a game of patent nuclear warfare.

$290 million is chump change? And that's just one of the cases MS lost. $290 million there, another couple of hundred here and it all adds up.

Comment On2 video patents (Score 4, Insightful) 399

You know, On2 has been around a while now in the video codec game. I wonder how many patents they hold that MPEG-LA are violating with their video codecs. If MPEG-LA goes up against Google/On2 chances are they'll retaliate with patents that MPEG-LA is infringing upon.

I'm surprised no one has thought of this (at least all the news posts I've seen), that MPEG-LA may be opening themselves up to some pretty serious patent retaliation.

Submission + - What security policy and processes do you use? ( 1

EvilMonkeySlayer writes: Recently we had a big multi-billion dollar four letter Japanese company install some very expensive software and hardware on our premises. Unfortunately the engineers who did the installing also brought a virus in and managed to install that onto their very expensive server.

Through processes i'd put in and a bit of luck the server that they installed was the only thing infected. I'd like to say this was the first time this has occurred but this has happened in the past where a third party who installed a piece of hardware has brought in a virus. I've got a decent security in depth set-up so much so that none of our machines has never been infected either through employees or cracking attempts on our public/private servers and workstations. However, it seems once every so often when we have a third party bring in their own server/machine that we've purchased they will inevitably infect said machine.

I have pressed managers in the past at our company to inform any engineers that they must pass any laptops, flash drives etc by me before connecting them up to our network or to another pc. However, they have typically neglected to inform them. Case in point an engineer decided to connect an infected flash drive to one of the workstations which is how I found out about the virus in the first place since the workstation AV blocked the virus and informed me immediately at which point I rushed over and forbid him from using it.

I have been talking to the company MD and he's talking of getting any engineers who come on site to sign a document stating that their computers are virus free etc.

I am wanting to literally make it very much clear to everyone and any third party that if they bring in a computer/flash drive it MUST pass by me first.

Unfortunately I can't always hold the hands of these engineers as I'm the only IT guy in the entire company, so often I may not be available or in a different part of one of our two buildings.

Also, the engineers installed a web server so customers can login remotely for the system. However, the web server is an older version of Apache (2.2.9) running on windows. I have forbidden this machine from having external access until in the words of the account manager for the four letter company "we're waiting to hear back from Japan because the software needs to be updated from them" which doesn't fill me with confidence especially for something that needs to be updated relatively frequently. (contractually wise me updating Apache on this windows server is in a grey area...)

What policy or methods do you guys use to enforce the rules?

I've talked of sending a very clear letter to all the managers from the MD that if they do not inform any third party that they must pass any computers/flash drives through me first that there will be serious consequences. (for example docking of wages, sacking etc)

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