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Comment Re: Let the Android Market decide (Score 1) 74

And please tell me how Apple does not allow AT&T to bake in their crapware yet sold 22 million phones this past week. Yeah they flopped so bad by not allowing the carriers to add in crapware. Oh wait, they are one of the worlds most popular phones.

AT&T (Cingular then) originally did so as a competitive move against Verizon. Those terms came with an exclusive, which they were not willing to sacrifice. If you'll recall, VZW was given the offer first, and refused it, valuing their crapware (etc) more than the iPhone exclusive.

Regardless, Google has been attaching more strings to their apps. As I understand it, there MUST be an option to disable/hide all of that crapware. While a phone could be released as an AOSP phone, it would not have (and could not install from a legitimate source) things like GMail, YouTube, Google Maps, and the Play Store. Amazon's trying this, but not having much success.

Comment Re:Switching is too hard? (Score 1) 145

If you can find that section of law, then contact the FCC. They will help you get it resolved.

Granted, this only means eliminating the exclusivity contract - the other company would have to then decide to expand to cover you, which they may be reluctant to if everyone there has already signed up with the competition.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 145

I'm on TWC. I opened a new account when I moved in March, and was not prompted in any way to create an e-mail address. My cable modem (owned by me, not rented) died a few weeks ago, and I could not activate the replacement until I created a useless @local.rr.com address.

People who aren't techies all used their ISP mail, until Hotmail, Yahoo, and especially GMail became known to the general user. The latter becoming extremely popular because of Android, which started becoming popular in late 2009/2010.

Even then, that was more about new users. People continue(d) to use their old accounts for a long time. Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, was still using his AOL address as recently as 2008

Comment Re:As a bicyclist... (Score 1) 137

Perhaps you or your area is different from mine, but I often see cyclists being borderline suicidal, and the motorists being excessively generous.

Regardless, there is really no way currently to monitor how a driver reacts to a cyclist. At least, not in a way that encourages safety, such as hard braking when one jumps out in front of the car (yes, I see it regularly)

Comment Re:Interesting, if optional (Score 1) 137

But SCOTUS ruled that money is speech, so you have to outbid (either out-yell or out-spend) the other side. I'm not sure what the exchange rate is.

More seriously, how often do you see a report of "Big industry lobbyists push for X, general population pushes for Y. Congress goes with Y"? I realize it happens occasionally, but it's rare. Hell, most of the legitimate reporting on the Comcast/TW merger acknowledges that the general population is massive opposed, yet it will probably be approved regardless.

Comment Re:1..2..3.. until massive security breaches (Score 1) 137

Establish in customer's minds that giving up data about their habits SAVES them money.

I've noticed that several grocery stores in my area are now doing frequent promotions like "Buy 5, get $5 off" with a motley collection of products. Undoubtedly sourced from the loyalty cards. Rarely worth a shit for me, since even getting to 5 isn't worthwhile.

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