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Submission + - Object seen in skydiver's helmetcam unlikely to be a meteorite 3

The Bad Astronomer writes: The viral video showing what looked like a meteorite falling past a skydiver made quite a splash, with many people assuming it was true. However, further analysis shows that it's also perfectly consistent with being a small (1-3 cm) rock that fell out of the parachute itself, which is a far more likely explanation.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 3, Insightful) 228

Terrible analogy.

Windows 98 or Windows 3.1 can't run the exact same applications. The author's point is a good one. Why does running the exact same application under VISTA or W7 cost 20 to 40 more cpu cycles?

In business terms: Why do you have to buy 20 to 40% more hardware to get the same result as I have today?

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