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Journal Journal: Robo-dump

Do bears pee in the woods? More importantly do robots shit in the office? YES!
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Journal Journal: Double standard?

Suck it up teromajusa (445906) posts in responce to best buy's bad customers complaint.

My thoughts exactly! What is all this whining about customers abusing loopholes. If you thought it could be abused why did you implement the policy, or offer the deal? Shouldn't that be something you take into consideration when planning next weeks deals?

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Journal Journal: Religion V. Gov't (a good insight)

While responding to a statment on the conservitive nature of federal judges AstroDrabb (534369) voiced some incredibly insightfull comments. The post doesn't realy respond to the statement. However some of AstroDrabb's points deserve mention anyway.

The abortion issue is a tough one. I personally think that minors should be required to get their parents permission before an abortion (a minor is not allowed to get a tatoo, drink beer or smoke, yet they can kill a human child?). However, an adult should be allowed to choose. I am pro-life, yet believe in free choice. IMO, the choice to kill your unborn child is between you and God. I would never abort a child (I have two), yet it is not my position to tell anyone how to live.

Let it be known that I am EXTREAMLY UNRELIGIOUS however that is not to say I am anti-religous. AstroDrabb has voiced my view of the situation almost word for word. With the exception of the whole between you and god thing.

Aside from the right and wrong of abortion there is a bigger more important issue. Not so much an issue, rather more of a question: WHO ARE YOU TO FORCE YOUR VIEWS ON OTHERS?

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Journal Journal: NEW DIRECTION

Having just read a friends live journal I realized that this is the new trend. Maybe I should start a live journal. After a short dream sequence where my journal gets national recognition due to my insightfullnes and creativity, I woke up and realized that I am neither as creative or insightfull as I would like to think. THAT SAID: I think I will take a new direction in my journal here. After deleting my previous meaningless entries I decided I will use this as a compilation of other interesting things I find on the internet. Some times I think these little gems get burried and don't get the recognition they deserve. So of course when my journal attains national recognition, they will all be seen!

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