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Comment Re:I see what they did there... (Score 1) 340

You misspoke. I'm a conservative. I'm against all forms of welfare for all people, except as a last-ditch safety net (i.e. you lose your job; you get unemployment funds).

You know a lot of the problems with our internet would be solved simply by revoking ALL monopolies that Comcast, Cox, Time-warner, et cetera hold over local neighborhoods. If you allow competition, then the People will be empowered to avoid the shitty companies and chose alternatives (like Apple TV or Linux ISP). We don't need a top-down approach. We need a bottom-up approach where we free the locals from the shackles that currently chain them to Comcast (Cox, TW, etc).

Who exactly would fund these competitors? Laying all that fiber or cable isn't cheap. The telco's and cable companies were given these monopolies in the first place as incentive to put up such a huge expense that they were not willing to do based on market factors alone.

Taking away the monopolies would in theory allow for completion, but would not address the expense of laying new cable or fiber, which is a huge hurdle.

Comment Re:Where Does a Geek Find a Social Life? (Score 1) 1354

Amen. First step is for the poor guy to stop calling himself a geek and seeing it as some sort of badge of identity.

I couldn't disagree more. I met my now exwife pretending to be something I wasn't. Obviously it didn't work out too well. I resolved that I would never be ashamed of labeling myself a Geek again. Yes I play MMORPG's. I am part of a shadowrun game every Thursday, I have 3 computers and a networked sun server. I get more excited by the latest cell phone then any teen girl every has over the newest boy band. Now that I have accepted being a geek I think my confidence in my choice has led me to do things I never would have when I was too shy and thought "geek" was a bad thing. I met my girlfriend online in Everquest 2, and it is now the best relationship of my life!

Comment Re:The keyword in that diatribe was 'hyped'... (Score 1, Interesting) 511

Maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance, but the first 45min of the movie were downright awful. Even low end camcorders have some kind of picture stability on them! My head still hurts from the shaking camera! The camera even shook in what should have been standing still shots!!! The acting left much to be desired, and (at least the opening) story was crap. I did stay long enough to see the monster, and this may be the only redeeming quality of the movie. The special effects were good for their budget. Overall though, it was a case of over hype, and major let down.

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