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Comment Re:Suck it! (Score 1) 601

We''l the one thing the SIII copies from Apple is it being closed up more than older Android software. I've noticed this starting from ICS on. I just don't like being charged double for 32 gig of memory when I could probably pay +/- $20 for a 32 gig vs. a 16 gig card at Amazon.

Other than that I have messed with an SIII and it is great BUT I own an LG Optimus with 2.2.2 on it and new apps still work just fine. A 4.3" screen vs. a 4.8". A 1.0 ghz dual core vs. a 1.5 ghz dual core in the SIII (in the US){I think it has a Quad core in other countries}. Mine has HDMI out with a cable. I dunno how to that with an SIII. The 2) 3D cameras on an Optimus and no camera button sucks a little.

BUT you are correct. Apple's insistence on making their phones out of aluminum instead of good ole injection molded plastic is good in theory but not in practice. This makes them slower to change in the long run.

Comment Re:So much for "It Just Works" (Score 1) 466

Amazon has the instructions all over their site, but maybe it ought to be explained when you set up your phone. If I need music that Android Play doesn't have for download or even Amazon (like certain band such as AC DC aren't on even iTunes) I can then order the CD of practically any artist I want fro Amazon.

It appears to be a war between Apple and everybody else which Apple seems to be winning now on profit. Google, Amazon, many cell phone makers and many others are against Apple and together can Apple sue them all out of business?

IMO Apple has always been the bad guy by locking down everything since the Apple II. Are people really that dumb? My 2 year old Android actually will do more than this walled up Apple except it might be 5% nicer in build quality but not power or price, screen size, processor speed and it just works IF you just stick with Amazon on the sideloading thing. They work a little different and it really amounts to people not wanting any hand holding at all and Apple provides that. With Android there is a little more tinkering, but if you take the time you really get a better machine for less money.

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