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Comment Re:"Videogame Stories." I Always Chuckle at That.. (Score 2) 342

That was a dumb analogy. If you're going to use ballet, then you should say "don't complain when they don't break dance in the middle of Swan Lake."

Games can be interactive AND tell a story. A video game isn't defined as 'interactive button mashing repeatedly doing the same thing over and over, ad nauseum, for hours on end." If a game doesn't have a story to push it forward, or at least some type of goal, then it really isn't worth playing.

Sure, Portal would've been fun without a story. But with that little extra bit of story added in, it went from something mediocre to something fantastic. All because of STORY.

Comment Blogger fail? (Score 2) 189

"Why should consumers care about the AT&T/T-mobile merger? Already, Verizon has dropped unlimited data plans and the US trails Japan, South Korea, and others in variety and performance of mobiles. Don't think for a second that those aren't the direct result this new monopoly", says blogger Tom Henderson. I'm pretty sure "Japan, South Korea, and others..." were far ahead of the US in mobile performance LONG before any merger talks came about.

Comment Re:Well then... (Score 1) 88

Actually, the article is specifically about the NORTHERN lights and how they'll be visible at lower latitudes, in the northern hemisphere. That being said, the Southern lights will ALSO be affected the same way, at lower latitudes in the SOUTHERN hemisphere. So the titles really isn't misleading, just that it's about the northern hemisphere.

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