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Comment Re:Rupert Murdoch can die in a hole already. (Score 1) 327

The logical extension to this argument is that as the cost of producing, distributing and accessing content approaches zero, increasingly the best content will get the most readership. Newscorp recently announced they are setting up paywalls across all their sites. When people have to pay for content to access it, it not only has to be the best content, but the best by a significant margin. I don't believe this is the case for Newscorp. They'll see a protracted decline unless they can remodel their business to embrace the spirit of the internet, rather than the kneejerk reactions we're seeing.

Comment Re:Yeah yeah, this is old news.. (Score 1) 618

The hard drive manufacturers are using the units correctly. 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes

It's the units used in most operating systems that are inaccurate (although I've seen some Linux distros that use GiB, etc.). They use GB for numbers that are actually in GiB, and it is that difference that causes people distress. But no, it's the drive manufacturers fault! Perhaps they could make it clearer by labelling disks with both units... but let's not pretend they are being anything less than accurate in their labelling.

Putting their crapware on non-removable partitions and reducing the usable drive space, however, is another story!

Comment Re:simpler system used 50+ years ago (Score 1) 123

Skyhook just flies an airplane over the target, with nothing to distinguish that spot from anywhere else on the flight path.

Except the frickin' balloon with lights on the cable! ;-)

The enemy just has to follow the balloon to get to the guy. Then the plane crew will be winching up a dead guy.

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