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Comment Re:Legalize DRUGS (Score 1) 343

Just think about the children?

There are already drugs on the street. And your kids will face that offer some day. Stop pretending you can hide them from it. I remember seeing it when I was in high school and middle school. To a kid, the fact that it is taboo will only increase the desire. That is one of the primary problems with alcohol consumption among young people today. Countries without underage bans on alcohol do not have rampant drunken children stumbling around the streets. Back to drugs, though. A lot of these illegal drugs came into use originally in medicine. Your outcry about meth, for instance, ignores the fact that it was distributed by both the Allies and the Axis in World War II. It has horrible side effects and is intensely addictive. Teach people that. It still has medical use, but is avoided due to the drug trade. Tobacco usage is going down. You think it's because tobacco is illegal now? Drugs are here. They always have been. If your child chooses drugs after you have educated them on how many such substances would tear their lives apart, then they would have chosen drugs when that guy at school offered them. The only difference in the two worlds is that one market was supplied from Mexico and cost our government a fortune in an impotent attempt to stop, the other was regulated and taxed.

Comment Re:Again? (Score 3, Insightful) 204

Yay, math!

In other news, did you know that, as impact speed increases from 5 mph to 25 mph, the energy that needs to be managed increases by 2400 percent!? That is just stunning! I think that we must start considering the children here, and lower all speed limits to 5 mph immediately. And ban driving in parking lots. With all of the obstructed views, it is just too dangerous, and I am not going to be held responsible for teaching my children about running into streets blindly.

Man Pays $200,000 To Save Fake Online Girlfriend 464

An anonymous reader writes "A 48-year-old Illinois man has experienced an online scam that was particularly devastating, both financially and emotionally. A woman he believed to be his online girlfriend turned out to be a fake, and his money has disappeared with her. The scam was recently revealed because he went to the police asking for help to rescue the woman, insisting that she had been kidnapped in London. The online 'relationship' between the two began over two years ago, during which he wired about $200,000 to several different bank accounts in Nigeria, Malaysia, England, and the US."

Comment Re:Yeah, lets give the Government LESS power (Score 1) 705

I wasn't aware that the only thing less than too much was zero. Reductio ad absurdum does not work with a false dichotomy. That said, constraint on the power of government should belong to the people, and technically does, but you never actually see citizens voting intelligently. I honestly don't know how to fix the system, as I feel the problem is inherent in the nature of people today.
The Military

Navy Uses Railgun To Launch Fighter Jet 314

Phoghat writes "In 2015 the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford will take to the seas and the plan is to use a railgun to launch planes, instead of steam powered catapults. From the article: 'The Navy developed its Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System as a replacement for the steam catapults currently used on aircraft carriers. The EMALS is a linear induction motor that's capable of accelerating a 100,000 pound aircraft to 240 miles per hour in the space of 300 feet. Compared to a steam catapult, the railgun catapult is much smaller, more efficient, simpler to maintain, gentler on airframes, and can deliver up to 30% more power. It's also capable of being cranked down a whole bunch, meaning that it can also launch smaller (and more fragile) unmanned drones.'"

Comment Re:Vodka (Score 1) 770

Seriously, I haven't had a single problem with it thus far, aside from the minor gripe of it not liking Mathematica too much just yet. But I would submit that that's a Wolfram problem and not a Microsoft problem.

Comment Re:Windows Upgrades (Score 1) 570

Fresh install ultimate x64. 20 minutes, no reformat required. I know some people will have gripes about this and that, but this OS is a HUGE upgrade from xp64. So much more compatibility of devices than xp64, and a considerable improvement in user interface design/appeal. Snow Leopard can suck it, Win7's a friggin' polar bear.

Comment Re:Until... (Score 1) 419

Sounds like a successful business to me. Understand that while all you environmentalists gripe about "green energy this" and "conspiracy theory that", ExxonMobil continues to do what a good American company should do: make money and pay taxes to the US Government. They paid roughly a sixth of the US defense budget in 2008 (something like 116 bn in taxes.. that's right, the US government made twice the money off of "exploiting the people" that ExxonMobil stock holders did). They're a business, they exist to make profit. Shame on you for expecting them to blindly cooperate with your vision of the future just because you and people like you will it. Especially when they have been researching new energy sources for automobiles and collaborating with Toyota on new engine technologies.

You live in America. Profit is a good thing, not obscene.

Comment Re:Senate likely to pass treaty (Score 1) 239

Yeah it'll be up there on Thomas. For the last five minutes before the vote because no one wants anyone to know what it says until it's too late. People always get after our Congress for moving so slow. In situations like this, I think they move too fast. It is becoming increasingly clear that the checks and balances of our government are buckling and eroding as a result of two parties that have become experts at gaming the system. The ability of the people to control their government is but a shadow of what the framers designed, for the government has learned how to effectively control the people.

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