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Submission + - Donate a Day to a good cause/charity (donateaday.net)

Evert writes: "Donate a Day is a site about exactly that: Donate a day. Donate a day’s worth of salary to a good cause. A simple concept that can accomplish great results when followed by enough people.

If you have any suggestions for charities, good causes or projects to consider, please let me know."


Submission + - "Elite" creator David Braben: games like Elite "too risky" for game publishers (incgamers.com)

Pecisk writes: While PC game development veterans are using Kickstarter more and more for their projects (see already successful "Star Citizen" Kickstarter project, which already went home with 2 million US dollars, or "Elite: Dangerous", a sequel of classic space sim series, which still has to reach it's set target), questions arise why devs are trying this rather risky way of finansing anyway. For long time there's also been discussion on Slashdot and elsewhere of game publisher's like EA preference to unlimited sequels (EA Sports series anyone?). There's David Braben's (one of creators of first classic 3D space sim "Elite" and it's sequels and also popular Raspberry PI board/computer) commentary to that.

Submission + - Monkeytail beard (themonkeytail.com)

Evert writes: "There’s a new trend in facial hair and it’s this half-beard wraparound thing called the monkeytail (for self-evident reasons)."

Submission + - China censors Web to curb Inner Mongolia protests (arnnet.com.au)

splitenz writes: China is blocking mention of Inner Mongolia on Chinese microblogs and social networking sites, as part of an effort to clamp down on protests that broke out last week in the region.

Two of the most popular microblog services operating in China no longer allow users to search for the term "Inner Mongolia". Sina's and Tencent's microblogs have 140 million and 160 million users, respectively.

Submission + - Monkey tail neard (meulie.net) 1

Evert writes: "The latest fab for the lucky few of us who still/already have facial hair: the Monkeytail beard!

It will make you look... cool err... stylish... geeky... just plain foolish? ;-)"

Submission + - Virtual currency becomes real in S. Korea. (massively.com)

garylian writes: Massively is reporting that the South Korean Supreme Court has stated that virtual currency is the equivalent of real-world money. For those of you who might not be drawing the link, the core there is that selling in-game currency for real money is essentially just an exchange of currency and perfectly legal in South Korea. This could have sweeping implications for RMT operations the world over, not to mention free-to-play games and... well, online games in general. The official story is available online from JoongAng Daily.

How Do You Create Config Files Automatically? 113

An anonymous reader writes "When deploying new server/servergroup/cluster to your IT infrastructure, deployment (simplified) consist of following steps: OS installation: to do it over network, boot server must be configured for this new server/servergroup/cluster; configuration/package management: configuration server has to be aware of the newcomer(s); monitoring and alerting: monitoring software must be reconfigured; and performance metrics: a tool for collecting data must be reconfigured. There are many excellent software solutions for those particular jobs, say configuration management (Puppet, Chef, cfengine, bcfg2), monitoring hosts and services (Nagios, Zabbix, OpenNMS, Zenoss, etc) and performance metrics (Ganglia, etc.). But each of these tools has to be configured independently or at least configuration has to be generated. What tools do you use to achieve this? For example, when you have to deploy a new server, how do you create configs for, let's say, PXE boot server, Puppet, Nagios and Ganglia, at once?"

Network Monitoring and Alerting? 59

SpamMonkey asks: "At work I am trying to implement a central monitoring and alerting service. We have in excess of 250 Windows servers, approx 15 AIX servers and another 30 Linux servers (mainly SLES/Suse). My investigation into systems that will allow us to monitor critical areas on each of these systems has so far led me to a clustered Linux server running Nagios with passive and active checks. What I'm curious about though is how Slashdot readers are carrying out their own jobs and how they can comfortably sit back, without having to repeatedly check that various systems are still operational and how to cut down their own response times when something goes wrong."

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