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Comment Re:"The Internet" (Score 1) 209

More importantly, it isn't an attempt to get MONEY out of politics, it is an attempt to get non-establishment MEDIA money out of politics.

All this does is turn politics back over to Time Warner, Fox, Disney, etc, who own the news stations and papers, and out of the hands of the People.

No thanks.

"We don't want your money in politics... but would you like to buy our news station?"

Comment Sound Logic (Score 2) 1746

So, in order to support free speech, we are now destroying the livelihoods of people who support legislation that was passed by a majority of the voters in the state. This is a sad, sad day for the internet. When our kids ask us why the Internet isn't free, we can tell them it is because we were more worried about the feelings of 5% of the population than principles.

Comment Training Device (Score 1) 298

It's pretty obviously for training. Even if Iran wanted to do some sort of fake film, it would be easier to do it digitally (and that is how they have done it -- poorly -- before.) It's much more likely that this is a training target, and not for shooting at. The painted marks are the key. This is for training on and testing optical devices. They want to train their people -- probably their speedboat fleet -- on how to recognize and pick out the carrier in a fleet.

Comment Re:Just start the war already! (Score 1) 498

America, the UN, and the EU are not going to sanction Russia. They simply aren't. They are no more sanctionable than America is.

Not only can they easily get around pretty much any sanction, the act of sanctioning them is still an Act of War under international law, which would give Putin a casus belli to invade even more countries, which he is obviously itching for.

The troops are on the field. The question is simply how well dug-in does Russia get to be in Crimea before they launch their attack.

Comment Re:Just start the war already! (Score 4, Interesting) 498

Not because we are bored. Because the war has already started on the Russian side, and all the Ukraine is doing now is losing. There is no way to avoid the war any longer. The invasion has happened. The only question is when Ukraine is going to fight -- when it can be confined to Crimea and the east, or when they are fighting an existential fight in the west?

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