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Comment Re:Nothing to do with bots and vote brigading (Score 1) 485

Genocide doesn't require a "centrally planned and coordinated effort to exterminate the people". You admit that millions of Armenians did die - were killed, that is - as a result of Turkish action. That alone makes it a genocide regardless of anything else.

The fact that Hitler fondly cited it as a role model for what he did (and why others "wouldn't care"), is icing on the cake.

Comment Re:Linux still does this (Score 1) 467

This is still light years away from DOS, where not only you had programming tools, but you had the entire system immediately exposed to those tools (because of complete and utter lack of concepts such as process isolation or protected memory). While it wasn't good from stability perspective, it did enable extremely low-level hacking - e.g. interfacing directly with graphics hardware - with no effort required other than knowledge of that interface. You didn't have to know how to write a kernel driver etc - you just wrote bytes to hardware ports and flipped bits in memory.

A friend of mine had his hard drive messed up in a brownout, and wrote a little piece of software that recovered some of the data by working directly on the file allocation table. He had to learn what FAT32 looks like in the process (and it was doable because it is pretty simple). We were in 9th grade then.

Comment Re:"While this is a victory for common sense" (Score 1) 301

Speaking as such a person, if we can handle singular-plural "you", we can certainly handle "they". It would hardly be the most fucked up part of English, anyway. Learning English by trying to apply common sense to it is a recipe in frustration; you might as well just give up from the get go, and embrace the madness. It will make its own perverse sense eventually, but I'm loathe to call that kind of sense "common".

Comment Re:Very poor example. (Score 1) 301

Spanish is the only language that I know of that has a fairly elegant solution: you can omit the pronoun and it is inferred from the conjugation and declination. So if you don't know the gender you can just omit the pronouns entirely ("Dijo que no sabia" translates as "He or she said that he or she didn't know").

Ironically, in Russian you can also omit the pronoun, but the catch is that gender is also reflected in adjectives and verbs. It's so pervasive in the language that it's practically impossible to construct a sequence in a way that would not imply it one way or the other.

Comment Re:How (Score 1) 301

You're talking about different things - grammar versus usage.

What's commonly referred to as "singular they" is grammatically plural - "they are ..." etc. It is singular in a sense that it refers to a single person.

In a similar vein, while "you" is always grammatically plural in English, "singular you" is used to describe the case where "you" refers to a single person.

Comment Re:How (Score 1) 301

Because in many cases you don't actually know their gender.

"After the user opened the dialog, he sees ..."

That was the typical way to write that sentence. It also implies gender where it's neither warranted nor desirable.

"After the user opened the dialog, they see ..."

Comment Re:Is GDB as good as the VS Debugger? (Score 1) 159

This does not replace gdb. It takes gdb - which is an extremely powerful, but also rather low-level debugger - and provides a high-level, simpler, but more convenient UI around it. Under the hood, it still talks to gdb.

This is similar to how VC++ native debugger relates to dbg/windbg. The former is more high-level and easier to use, but the latter is more powerful and lets you do crazy things.

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