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Comment Re:Logic Says It Should Be Legal (Score 1) 232

Ever had a big-mac in another country? Not the same... Heartbreaking shit : (

No. I've had many Big Macs/Whoppers/etc. in about 20 countries.

In many of these places, the food's actually *better* than at the same chains in the US due to local food safety/quality regulations.

The lone exception being that I've yet to find a KFC outside the US that serves biscuits instead of replacing them with bread rolls. *snif*

Comment Re:IP law has nothing to do with logic. (Score 1) 232

...[Y]our real problem in this world isn't actually the FDA, it's the insurance industry. The FDA may be able to shut down businesses which don't comply, but, by and large, they let an awful lot of stuff get through. It's the insurers who are deciding what actually gets used in our medical system...

Tell me about it. My mother has cancer. Her physician-recommended treatment isn't covered by insurance because they consider it "experimental", despite the fact that it seems to have worked quite well for Jimmy Carter.

Comment Re:You have no rights when applying for entry to a (Score 1) 127

If you're flying via Beijing and you don't already have a Chinese visa, the Chinese authorities will issue you one that's good for 1 day so you can move about the airport freely. Or, if your layover is long enough, you can take a cab into the city and mess around for a few hours.


Cybercriminals Select Insiders To Attack Telecom Providers ( 23

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Help Net Security: Cybercriminals are using insiders to gain access to telecommunications networks and subscriber data, according to Kaspersky Lab. In addition, these criminals are also recruiting disillusioned employees through underground channels and blackmailing staff using compromising information gathered from open sources...

According to Kaspersky Lab researchers, if an attack on a cellular service provider is planned, criminals will seek out employees who can provide fast track access to subscriber and company data or SIM card duplication/illegal reissuing. If the target is an Internet service provider, the attackers will try to identify the employees who can enable network mapping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Comment How does it work now for foreign owners? (Score 2) 108

I'm curious how this works now for foreign owners of business assets.

Are there rules in place now that prevent foreign investors from owning equity stakes in US companies (outside of sectors with existing statutory limits)?

If a foreign investor owns an equity stake in a US company, are they prevented from coming to the US for business purposes? Do they need a special visa? Are there limits on how long they can stay to participate in this business under current rules?

This proposal seems like a gold mine of loopholes that would seem to allow for further bulk import of workers. What's to prevent Tata from creating an XYZ Consultancy and selling the minimum share of the company to workers it wants to import? It's not hard to imagine all kinds of games they could play "loaning" the equity investment funds to the worker in India so that they appear in the US as legitimate stakeholders who have made their own investments.

Comment Thanks again Slashdot editors (Score -1, Flamebait) 32

The two planets will be positioned roughly five degrees above the Western horizon on August 27.

What an amazing thing! The two planets will be five degrees above the western horizon the entire 24 hours, or at least all night. Us uneducated people would think that it was necessary to give a time when the planets would be in this exact position, but apparently that isn't necessary and just the date is enough.

Of course, my question is why was "Western" capitalized?

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 1) 501

If you're a Ron Paul supporter voting for Trump, I fear that "confused" is rather an understatement of your mental state.

I think not so much "confused" as "shallow". I can see a very surface correspondence between Paul and Trump: They both like to buck the establishment. The fact that the do so in very different ways and for very different reasons requires looking past the top millimeter of each. I suppose a vote for Obama (in his first presidential campaign) could fit as well if the same incredibly shallow analysis just focused on the "Hope and Change" slogan.

Comment Google does something like this (Score 1) 171

Google does something like this, on a selective basis.

I think it started as something done only for special cases, but I know a few people who arranged it. One woman I know works three days per week instead of five, for 60% of her normal salary. She has also taken a large chunk of her 18-week maternity leave and uses it one day per week, so she actually works two days per week but gets paid for three, until the maternity leave runs out. Her husband has arranged a similar structure with his employer (not Google), working three days per week so one of them is always home with the kids. She's a fairly special case, though, because she's a freakishly brilliant software engineer who any smart company would bend over backwards to accommodate.

However, it's now been expanded to be made generally available to full-time employees. It requires management approval, but the descriptions I've seen make it clear that management is expected to agree unless there are specific reasons why it can't work. Salary, bonuses and stock are pro-rated based on the percentage of a normal schedule that is worked. Most commonly, people work 60% or 80% schedules (i.e. three or four days per week instead of five). Other benefits, such as health care, etc., are not pro-rated, but either provided or not, depending on the percentage of normal hours worked.

I could see myself going to a 60% work week in a few years, having a four-day weekend every week in exchange for a 40% pay cut.

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