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Comment Keeps the annoying part, loses the useful parts! (Score 1) 91

As far as I could tell, the main reason people were annoyed about Google Glass (besides the ostentatious bragging of wearing $1500 glasses) was that somebody wearing them could be taking your picture at any time, without obviously holding up a camera or a phone or wearing a lapel-pin camera or having a pen-sized camera in their shirt pocket or something clipped to their backpack straps or whatever else. These glasses still do that, just not as well as a cheap camera or phone.

But the display inside the glasses, which made Google Glass more useful than a camera thing, isn't in these, and it's also missing the potential Google functionality of doing face recognition and telling you the name of the person you're looking at, which you forgot. Sure, somebody wearing Google Glasses could look like they're looking at you but really be watching cat videos or talking to somebody else, but cellphone headsets had given us those a decade earlier, and now there's Pokemon Go or whatever follows it.

Also, social views of always-connected cameras are changing, as a result of Black Lives Matter and other episodes of people recording cops behaving badly and the near-ubiquity of cellphone video. Yes, there are privacy tradeoffs we need to figure out (e.g. secure recording for your pictures doesn't have to also mean that Google or Apple iCloud has access to your data.)

Comment Re:Or You Could Just Not Be That Neighbour (Score 1) 235

Yes you should be able to be a belligerent asshole on your property, this thing came into his space so he got rid of it. It's already settled case that it was OK for him to do so. Plenty of places to fly drones without bothering others. Hells I would be upset about drones that were going over the treeline with neighbors (thats 50+ ft high) if they were looking into my yard. Play with your toys responsibly or loose them.

Comment Obama Should But Won't - Will Merkel/EU/others? (Score 1) 341

Of course Obama should pardon Snowden, but we all know that ain't gonna happen. The real question is whether some EU country like Germany or some other country besides Russia will offer Snowden asylum. So far, none of them have had the guts, even Ecuador which is giving Julian Assange some slack, though most Latin American governments are too tightly tied to the US to offer protection against kidnapping as well as against official extradition or look-the-other-way rendition.

Russia's currently some protection for Snowden, but only while he's politically useful to Putin, and Putin's still in power. If anything happens to Putin, or to Snowden's usefulness (e.g. Putin wants to do a favor for President Trump), he's in trouble.

Comment -Still- looking at you, BBC... (Score 1) 45

BBC still requires Flash on my desktop Safari. Switch the user-agent to being an iPad and presto - nice, working HTML 5 video without a single layout change either. Have sent in 'feedback' time after time after time.

Honestly, get with the times and dump Flash. Or at least service HTML 5 for preference and only fall back to Flash. Not this "let's serve Flash to HTML 5-capable browsers" rubbish.

Comment Re:How is this different from any university? (Score 1) 247

The most significant difference is that ITT attempted to allow the plebes into the middle class.

How exactly would that be different from the "plebes" attending community college? Other than that they'd likely spend less money and obtain a degree that might actually be worth the paper it's printed on?

Comment Re:Moron it's only for Windows update (Score 1) 185

Hi Alex,

Despite our history, I'm here to help you out. No, really. So pay close attention:

Nobody needs to do anything to make you look bad. That's a trainwreck you're obviously quite capable of having on your own.

People bait you because it's well-known that you constantly scan Slashdot and other sites looking for people saying things about you. And they do it because they know that you will without fail rise to the bait. Q.E.D.

The only way for you to "win" this is not to play, but you are evidently too dense to figure this out, so you just keep coming back for more. And more. And more...

Comment Re:In other words.. (Score 1) 185

Windows 2K was the bomb. When I saw what XP was like, though, I knew the writing was on the wall and switched to Linux when 2K fell out of support.

One of the very few decisions I've made in my life that I have never yet regretted, not even once.

(*looks over shoulder, smiles and nods* Yes, honey, you're one of those, too. Honest!)

Comment Re:Microsoft Update Catalog is my new hero (Score 1) 185

I mean, it would be absolute madness to download a patch on one machine to use on another (or several others).

Well, this IS Microsoft, after all. Not only designing for the lowest common denominator, but effectively mandating that anyone who actually has a clue constrain himself to that level, regardless. They've only been doing this for about 20 years now.

I put up with it for 10 of them.

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