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Comment Re:Obligitory: Lame Poll (Score 1) 432

I have been using bb4win [xoblite and bblean] since 2005 when I stumbled upon it, and fluxbox on linux. one thing I really like about bb4win is that the styles are transferable between fluxbox and bb4win. I can have the exact same desktop experience on windows as I have in Suse. I can't stand the default explorer shell on windows anymore. It feels backwards and uncomfortable.

Comment Re:Dell missed its opportunity (Score 1) 174

I bought an HX4700 before Dell came out with the x51v. If I had waited 2 months I would have got the Axim over the iPaq. Not to mention the 'touch pad' is freakishly annoying on the hx4700. I had the chance to use an axim, however, and the panel dell used was very sub par. My hx4700 still works and looks beautifully, except the touch pad has broken, and would cost me over 100$ to replace it. None of HP pdas to date appeal to me as a replacement, even though my current PDA is slightly broken... IMO, the smartphone industry killed the PDA. Thats why Dell dropped out and HP make such crapty PDAs as of late. If dell made a smartphone now with simmilar specs to the old axim, but with a better panel [like the sony panel on the hx4700] I would buy one in a heartbeat. As long as it's NOT running win mobile.

Comment Desktop replacement (Score 2, Interesting) 142

I had an Toshiba P-10 a few years ago. It had an Intel P4 3.2ghz socket 478 desktop chip in it. It was a beast.

I miss having a laptop though, as I don't have much time at home.

This 12pound monster is a little bit overkill unless it has 6gb ddr3 a pair of 500gb or 1tb drives in RAID and a SLI or crossfire-x solution in it.

Then it would almost be worth it if you just had to spend 5k on a laptop.


Submission + - Intel asks AMD to a sit-down meeting (

Eun-HjZjiNeD writes: January 22, 2009 (IDG News Service) Intel Corp. has asked for a meeting with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. to discuss how the latter's plan to spin off its manufacturing operations may affect technology cross-licensing agreements between the two chip rivals. AMD disclosed the meeting request as part of a broader regulatory filing that it submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. In the filing, AMD said it received a letter from Intel on Tuesday saying that Intel officials want to talk about issues such as whether the planned spin-off would qualify as a licensed subsidiary under the cross-licensing deals.

Comment Can't get away, even on pay-go (Score 1) 229

I can't get away from telemarketers and scammers ever since I added my effing number to that blasted registry.

Shortly after I added my home phone, I started getting calls on my cell, which is not connected to my home number at all.

I even changed my cell number to no avail... How the hell is that I keep getting scammers calling my cell 1 dam day after I change my effing number?

My government should get off their asses and make it a felony offense to sell private data like this.

I even get scam calls on my Skype account... WTF

As I wrote this I got 2 calls. One on my home phone and one on my cell.

If this keeps up I'll just turn off my cell, unplug my phone and make a network of cans on strings to the people I communicate with most.

Comment Cooking is lots of hard work too. (Score 1) 354

I am the head chef at a golf resort, so I am required to be at work by 0600 and sometimes have to stay till 0100 to make sure everything gets done right. In all I am required to put in 10 hours a day, but the cooks I have here are borderline inept and the resort owner is more concerned about the grass than his staff. Worst month I had here was 4 banquets with over 400 guests each, and only 3 cooks to help. I nearly quit after that, but I got a fat raise and got put on a new contract and fixed salary to make staying worth while. At least for now.

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