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Comment Re:Mixed feelings (Score 1) 244

My suggestion was that "mixed mode" scripts are per se incompatible with the MVC or DRY. It's a bad programming practice and if you use it, you are doomed to repeat yourself. Of course you can ditch it and create MVC frameworks like these that are already available. At this latter point you and I may agree.

Comment Re:Mixed feelings (Score 3, Insightful) 244

I was expecting this. You could argue that, and also add to it that there are PHP frameworks out there that do DRY, MVC etc. The problem is that PHP itself, by allowing "mixed mode" scripts containing both HTML and PHP, teaches a programming paradigm that is unacceptable by modern standards.

Comment Mixed feelings (Score 1) 244

That's a step forward for us who rely on crammed share hosting providers, but I strongly believe that PHP has to be phased out in favor of more recent techologies that enforce a clearer (eg DRY, separation of content and logic etc) way of thinking.

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