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Comment Re:Microsoft 4000 - quality an issue (Score 1) 310

I've had this keyboard. In fact I had two in 6 months time and both broke down.
An no, I don't abuse keyboards - my previous ergonomic keyboard (made by Chicony) lasted 8 years and the only reason I stopped using it was the fact I didn't want to have DIN5->MiniDin6 and MiniDin6->USB adapters at the same time :P

As far as the 4000's ergonomy goes I liked it.

Comment Re:I fail to see why this is news (Score 2, Insightful) 149


That's what you get for being cheap when hiring security team. Setting up memcached on a public IP or without a firewall is as bad as having your session directory fully writable on a public ftp (and quite similar too).
Memcached is good software and does exactly what it has been designed to do - provides fast key cache - but as with every tool if you are dumb you will hurt yourself. If those admins were carpenters they'd have an average of 4 fingers ;-)


Submission + - You're making apps for iPhone? You're screwed. (eff.org)

Etylowy writes: EFF finally laid it's hands on iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. If you accepted it you grant Apple the right to reject your app for any reason (even if it meets all the guidelines) and at any time (even if they have accepted it before), If the app is rejected you can't sell it elsewhere (if it is accepted you can't sell it elsewhere as well), if Apple is liable for any damages the most you can get is $50, you can't speak publicly about the agreement content. Basically they own you and if you look at them funny they'll pull plug on all your hard work so you won't see a penny. All hail Apple.

Comment Re:I rarely get to say this... (Score 1) 296

Yes it will and you will be no longer limited in terms what hardware you access (other os option limited you to less than 15% of raw hw power).

WTF did Sony discontinue support for Linux in the new PS3?

Being able to run linux wasn't a strong enough selling point to justify the cost - thus ps3 slim no longer has this option.

Submission + - Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Released 2

Shining Celebi writes: Mozilla has released Firefox 3.6 today, which adds support for Personas, lightweight themes that can be installed without restarting the browser, and adds further performance improvements to the new Tracemonkey Javascript engine. One of the major goals of the release was to improve startup time and general UI responsiveness, especially the Awesomebar. You can read the full set of release notes here.

Comment Isn't it obvious? Money (Score 1) 660

Certificates, bandwidth, cpu power - it all ain't free.
Encryption costs: the obvious - signed certificates aren't free, but also https has higher bandwidth cost than http, encrypting data is CPU intensive - it all sums up.

IMHO encryption will be always limited to the bare minimum - where money and/or sensitive data is involved - and that's fine: why the hell would I want to encrypt anything else?

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