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Comment Re:Don't use AMD's control panel (Score 1) 212

I understand that it looks stupid, but knowing the way that MS think about these things (IE from the myriad blogs) it will be likely that they didn't want to introduce incompatibility between the behavior of 32bit and 64bit .Net.

If you're looking for a real answer though, you could do worse then hit up Raymond Chen's blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/oldnewthing/.

Comment Just out of interest ... (Score 1) 37

On a related note, I recall an amazing flash demo from around the same time, it was called Ray Of Light.

Does anyone have an archive of that somewhere? I remember it had an interesting font where all the vowels were underlined.

Submission + - EVE Online producer announces redundancies (ccpgames.com)

Etrigoth writes: After discouraging developments in the last year and a recent promise by CCPs CEO that they will be focusing their core efforts on developing EVE Online and Dust514, CCP have made a press release announcing redundancies and a redirection of focus from their announced World of Darkness MMO. Sadly, it seems that many of their popular community teams are amongst those leaving.

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