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Comment memory or video card error? (Score 1) 855

From the article:

I was infected by a virus a week ago. The virus said "you fool" through the computer speakers. I do not have bios, I do not have anything, only the motherboard (Asus k8v Deluxe) and a microphone (AMD 64-bit), RAM and graphic memory. It always repeats the same words: "you fool". I changed the bios and it continued the same. I think I know where the virus is: it is a 1MB chip of the motherboard (w55f10b). I cannot reprogram it, as there are 3 chips inside (one is an audio chip). I bought another motherboard, the same as the one I had, installed it, and also installed the microphone, RAM and graphic card. I was shocked when it still repeated the words.

Does anyone have experience with the Asus K8V. I recall at some point I had a motherboard that actually "spoke" when it could not find memory or a video card instead of the usual beeps. I'm just wondering if this one may have had the same feature. I tried the manual from the Asus site but it doesn't seem to include a troubleshooting guide (I had to use the Chinese site since the global site said "too many users").

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