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Submission + - Road to Riches doesn't run through the App Store (newsweek.com)

Etienne Steward writes: Turns out that while a few fortunes can be made with Apple, Steve Demeter made most of his money by buying Palm (of all companies) at $1.76 and selling at $12. Apparently, there aren't as many iPhone App millionaires as we would like to be believe. From the article:
"In almost a dozen interviews conducted by NEWSWEEK, Apple consultants and programmers jettison the idea that the App Store is a world of easy opportunity, or a fast track to quitting the rat race. Instead they describe an anxiety-wracked marketplace full of bewildering rules, long odds, and little sense of control over one's success or failure. "It's kind of a crapshoot," says Demeter, who spent the last two weekends partying in Las Vegas and New York. "I think we've reached a point where people are thinking I shouldn't quit my day job for this."


Submission + - SPAM: Delta Air Lines sued over alleged e-mail hacking

alphadogg writes: Delta Air Lines is being sued for allegedly hacking the e-mail account of a passenger rights advocate supporting legislation that would allow access to food, water and toilets during long delays on the tarmac. Kathleen Hanni, executive director of Flyersrights.org, alleges Delta obtained sensitive e-mails and files and used the material in an attempt to derail the "Airline Passenger's Bill of Rights of 2009," of which four versions are pending before Congress. The suit was filed on Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas and seeks a minimum of $11 million in damages. Flyersrights.org, a nonprofit organization founded in 2007, had been investigating surface delays in air travel.
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Submission + - Aggressive Trend of Selling Rogueware (net-security.org)

An anonymous reader writes: PandaLabs has identified a new, more aggressive trend for selling fake antivirus programs or rogueware. Until now, when a computer was infected by this type of malware, users would typically see a series of warnings prompting them to buy a pay version of the program. Now, these technologies are being combined with ransomware, hijacking the computer and rendering it useless until victims complete the purchase. Firstly, users are tricked into paying money simply in order to use their computers; and secondly, these same users may believe that they have a genuine antivirus installed on the computer, thereby leaving the system unprotected.

Submission + - Google Patents Santa Lists 1

theodp writes: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. But if you let him know what you want for Xmas this year, the two of you could be slapped with a patent infringement lawsuit. After a five-year review and four rejections, the USPTO On Tuesday granted Google a patent for its Methods and Systems for Providing a Gift Registry, which the search giant notes covers 'any gift-giving occasion.' They couldn't mean toys, right? Wrong. 'For example,' explains Google, 'the gift interest data may comprise an indication that one gift the user is interested in adding to his or her gift registry comprises a Fisher Price red toy boat.' Don't say you weren't warned, Virginia. And BTW, even if Google doesn't get you, Virginia, Microsoft could. Or Amazon. Merry Xmas!

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