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Comment Re:Logical Fallacy (Score 1) 127


if you wholesale replace a working (but admittedly faulty) system

I don't see a working system at all.
I see a system that has been abused beyond all recognition by a very small percentage of very powerful companies.
It's not even just the little guy getting screwed - its everyone but the fortune 500 companies, and even they've spent 100s of millions duking it out.

Comment Re:How does this work? (Score 4, Funny) 175

You see, you're sleeping over at a friends place - and your friend's mum said that you could have coke with your dinner even though your mum said you couldn't.
You can "forget" what your mum told you and have the coke anyway, you won't get in trouble at your friends house.

But you're sure gonna get it when you get home and your mum finds out. I mean, you could lie but...

Comment Good (Score 5, Interesting) 1184

If they keep this up, they'll tear the patent system to pieces and we'll be forced to start again.

More please. Bring it on. Its about time we got two companies in the ring who simply hate each other.

Cross-licensing agreements only benefit the companies involved - and they're a boring spectacle.
A battle to the death, however, benefits all of us.

Comment Re:Nah (Score 1) 550

And how do you define the difference?

Surely this would come down to a determination by the courts as with any form of negligence...

How do you sue a doctor for negligence after a surgery?
How do you sue a car maker for negligence due to a design flaw?

These are all highly specialised and highly subjective - you bring the case, the courts determine where the line is

Comment 21st century FFS! (Score 1) 597

I watched this live yesterday, but my kids were at school (Australia)
I so much wanted to share with them the experience of the landing and watching the control room react with each step

The human race just put a truck on Mars using a method straight out of the best sci-fi movies and do you think I could find a copy of the raw footage of the control room anywhere?

Nope. Nothing more than the canned final minute replayed ad-nausea by every news service on the planet. The 10 minutes before that? Nothing...
Now I know at least ONE of the reasons why. Whether its ideological or simply for cash, its nothing less than censorship of the masses.

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