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Journal Journal: IRC chemistry bot

I wrote a bot using Bot::BasicBot. It uses a XML file with the periodic table to give information about the elements and, combined with a definition file (which allows you to teach it new ion and compound names), forms salts, oxides and other stuff. I'll upload it to my website soon.
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Journal Journal: Magic dragon, bellows & I, robot

There's a great hollow mask illusion, right here.
Takes a while to see it but, with practice, you can do it with both eyes. Freaky.
My sister got me some wooden sticks (the ice-cream type) for me to build a bellows. Guess I'll have to plan a camera first.
Just saw "I, robot". Despite being an insult to Asimov and the book, it's nice. Full of cliches and a cheesy plot, though.
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Journal Journal: Pinhole camera done 1

Yesterday, I finished my pinhole camera and wrote "Tipicam" on the top.
My dad wisely pointed out that the opening should be on top rather than behind, so as to peek and check the focus and stuff.
However, since focus can't be adjusted (no lens), it isn't worth changing the cam for. Additionally, I'd have to somehow protect the film while peeking to avoid it being unintentionally exposed.

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Journal Journal: Compulsive journaling

I just wrote 2 journal entries (3, counting this one) after not having posted any for many months. The best part is, I'm writing another one (this one) to comment on that, which makes it a meta-journal entry.

Am I so evidently bored?
Does pi contain a circle in binary?

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Journal Journal: Pinhole camera

I recently started building a pinhole camera. It's a black box with a pinhole on one side and photographic film on the other. When the pinhole is uncovered, the film is exposed and can be turned into a photo. However, you've got to do it yourself, so you need to set up a darkroom.
Mine is made out of cardboard from a lego box. I initially used black paint of one type but then I bought the one I was supposed to use. It looks better and smells like real paint (yuck). Also takes a long time to dry.
Now, I just need to make a proper, lightproof camera door (for loading/unloading it) and set up the darkroom. My dad offered a room on his company to do it. Curiously, that room was initially meant for that, by the previous owner.
If anyone knows any slashdotters into photography, please tell.

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Journal Journal: Karma idiot

During most of my slashdot membership, I was a karma whore doing anything for positive moderation (like skim reading articles and posting smart questions to get modded "Interesting").
Afterwards, I said "what the hell", and posted a few trolls. Some were really bad jokes which were evidently trolls, and others were pure invention (one about firefox, which I wrote as fun but should've warned it was fake).
I got modded into karma limbo, and now post at -1. Slashdot does work.

PS: The problem is that, now, I can only post once every 24 hours. Therefore, I can't correct my posts :(

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Journal Journal: R/C glider done

I bought and built a 1.5 meter radiocontrolled glider called Anfra 2. Pictures in my website.
I haven't flown it yet but expect to do so next week. I still need a different battery pack to fit the nose.
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Journal Journal: Almost finished new glider

Okay, I havent posted for a while...
I did finish the Cessna when expected. The fuselage broke every time it could. The wings I'm really proud of, though.
My dad bought me a large (and expensive, compared to the previous ones) plane, an almost 1-meter glider.
I already built and covered the wings and the stabilizer. Soon I'll finish the fuselage and fly the giant.

By the way, I may be an editor for Open Directory for the aeromodelism in Spanish section (a part of the submission form reminded me to post here).

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Journal Journal: Plane almost done

Finished and sanded the wings. Also done with one side of the fuselage. However, I haven't got dope for covering the wings, so my dad's taking me to a hobby shop.

Expect me to finish it tomorrow/the day after it.

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Journal Journal: Almost done with the wings

Finished a wing, and finishing the other one. Soon I'll cover them and start with the fuselage (meanwhile, I made the landing gear and prop hook).

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