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Comment The title of this article is wrong (Score 3, Informative) 521

I find it interesting that the title is why "Flash is fundamentally flawed on touchscreen devices" and not "Why Certain Touchscreen Devices (aka iPad) are limited and will not work with Flash". This is obviously an attack on the Flash framework as a way to redirect criticism away from the iPad. Apple has clearly mistepped here and now they are trying to do damage control. My understanding is that other touchscreen devices that are coming out in the market place will support Flash (e.g., HP Slate), and it will probably be seamless. I was quite interested in the iPad when the news came out but now that it won't support Flash, and locks users into the monopolistic "App Store" I am no longer interested. Only Apple would try something like this... they seem to be stuck in the monopolistic 90s.

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Submission + - Linux used to drop wow international latency.

Richard writes: "I believe I've figured out how to drop the latency to the World of Warcraft servers significantly for international players (e.g. New Zealanders). Preliminary testing is working very well for me. I used linux to achieve this (although it is not a solution that would be limited to linux, that's what I know!) and seeing as there are likely a lot of linux using wow players with high international pings I thought this would be good information to share. It's worth noting that this technique has dropped my wow ping from 350-450 to 180-250 on average. Here's my forum post on how I do it. Hopefully Blizzard will sit up and take notice. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=3271071466&sid=1"

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