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Comment Re:Something is missing (Score 1) 359

I find it hard to believe that reducing the degrees of freedom led to shorter routes. If you watch the myth busters video they indeed got lower fuel consumption for the right-turn routes, but it got longer and took more time as well. It's not an obvious result to me. Maybe it has to do with conservation of energy? Left-hand turns have a higher probability for full-stops while many right hand turns can go smoothly without too much braking -especially in the hands of an experienced driver? The figures from UPS could be due to other factors such as better overall route optimization or new roads I guess. The figures aren't normalized with respect to how many, what and where deliveries went so it it hard to make conclusions from those figures alone...

Comment Re:Because text is the only medium that's varied e (Score 1) 876

This. Artifacts that can be edited an put in a repo by any serious project need to be in a format understandable by quality diff and 3-way merge tools. Some automatic conflict resolution of trivial but unrelated changes in an artifact is also highly needed. IBM RSA (UML) has come some way here, don't know about LabView - guess there's some diff at least, but 3-way merge? Doubt it.
Never mind code generation, I would be glad/surprised if there was a structured graphics format with good diff/merge support! (not counting the language-based ones such as TeX/pic then...)

Comment this (Score 1) 50

I wager rotation speed lies behind this. Even if it is possible to see the surface speeds using Doppler spectrum spreading or something, maybe the cores can rotate even faster? A high rotation speed could also be indicative of a different early formation history making the likeliness of close Jupiters small. Another explanation could be that these suns have indeed had close gas giants in the past which now has long crashed into the sun and thereby increased the spin.

40 Million Year Old Primate Fossils Found In Asia 91

sosaited writes "It has been widely believed that our ancestors originated out of Africa, but a paper published in Nature by Carnegie Museum of Natural History scientists puts this in doubt. The paper is based on the fossils of four primate species found in Asia which are 40 million years old, during which period Africa was thought to not have these species. The diversity and timing of the new anthropoids raises two scenarios. Anthropoids might simply have emerged in Africa much earlier than thought, and gone undiscovered by modern paleontologists. Or they could have crossed over from Asia, where evidence suggests that anthropoids lived 55 million years ago, flourishing and diversifying in the wide-open ecological niches of an anthropoid-free Africa."

NASA Parodies Reach New Level of Awkwardness 28

MMBK writes "NASA TV recently produced six movie-trailer parodies about current projects for a 'themed exhibit at an international conference.' But for the most part, the attempt remains pretty corny, far, far away from the imaginative, inspiring work of space artists like Bruce McCall."

Comment Real solution: Forbid and detect (Score 1) 870

The real solution should be to forbid all kinds of radio/IR transmission during test and to deploy detectors of the typical frequencies used (WLAN/Bluetooh/Cellular). There should be many detectors to be able to triangulate and sort out exterior sources. This shouldn't be too complex. It shouldn't be too expensive in long term either since the problem is global. There should be a market for this kind of gear.

Comment Emacs... (Score 1) 350

Now here's what would be awesome: If I could share a window in my text editor / IDE with someone else on the planet, edit a piece of source together in real time, and still be able to save and compile directly from within the software. Oh, wait...

Emacs, of course, has supported this since a long time when running under X Windows. See e.g., "New Frame on Display..." menu item under File...

PC Games (Games)

Valve Apologizes For 12,000 Erroneous Anti-Cheating Bans 202

Earlier this week, there were reports that large numbers of Modern Warfare 2 players on Steam were getting erroneously banned by Valve's Anti-Cheat software. While such claims are usually best taken with a grain of salt, the quantity and suddenness caused speculation that Valve's software wasn't operating correctly. A few days later, Valve president Gabe Newell sent out an email acknowledging that roughly 12,000 players had been inappropriately banned over the preceding two weeks. "The problem was that Steam would fail a signature check between the disk version of a DLL and a latent memory version. This was caused by a combination of conditions occurring while Steam was updating the disk image of a game." Valve reversed the bans and gave free copies of Left 4 Dead 2 to everyone who was affected.

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