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Comment Re:Defining sports (Score 1) 262

Ok, so it's like the SCOTUS and pornography; you'll know it when you see it.

So, the followup question would be: you have teams of competitive StarCraft players who train in amounts and methods very similar to atheletes, and who play for cash prizes, sponsorship deals, and what not; what term would you say applies?

Comment Re:literaly a solution (Score 2) 70

Actually, there are not many chemicals that break down plastic. That's why it is such a handy material to make containers from, because it can contain about anything. And that's also why plastic garbage is such a problem. Plastic is mostly destroyed by sunlight and by heat. While the second one goes fast, it is not feasible for the cleanup of whole landscapes (except you want them scorched), the first one is a very slow process.

Comment Turing (Score 1) 627

My first 'formal' computer programming training was in High School, using a language developed at the University of Toronto called Turing.

It was a cute little language, and I remember doing some fun stuff in it, including some basic 3d wireframe engine work. Which was pretty exciting stuff in high school computer programming in the early 90s on a 386.

Submission + - What a Trip: First Evidence for Higher State of Consciousness Found (

baalcat writes: Researchers observe a sustained increase in neural signal diversity in people under the influence of psychedelics.

Scientific evidence of a ‘higher’ state of consciousness has been found in a study led by the University of Sussex.

Neuroscientists observed a sustained increase in neural signal diversity – a measure of the complexity of brain activity – of people under the influence of psychedelic drugs, compared with when they were in a normal waking state.

The diversity of brain signals provides a mathematical index of the level of consciousness. For example, people who are awake have been shown to have more diverse neural activity using this scale than those who are asleep.

This, however, is the first study to show brain-signal diversity that is higher than baseline, that is higher than in someone who is simply ‘awake and aware’. Previous studies have tended to focus on lowered states of consciousness, such as sleep, anaesthesia, or the so-called ‘vegetative’ state.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 438

You know people might need to get more than two loads of laundry done in a day. While one might not need to supervise the washing machine, you do need to be around to move the laundry to the dryer, so that you know, it drys. Where with a normal washer I could have the wash done in thirty minutes, throw it in the dryer, start ANOTHER load in the washer and then run into town to get some errands done, when I get home an hour later, oh looks. I have a load of dry laundry., and another load of laundry to put in the dryer. Meanwhile you are still waiting for your first load of laundry to wash and I'm getting load number three in the washer.

You'd be amazed at how much laundry two kids and two adults can produce in a week.

Given that I had laundry duty for the wife and three daughters, I know exactly how much laundry can be produced in a week. I also know that it's not unusual for the laundry to sit in the washing machine for three hours after it's run before I get around to moving it to the dryer.

Comment Re:Still Don't Get It (Score 5, Informative) 65

is Device limited to mobile phone & purchasing apps? Because we sure as hell have 'Devices' in the house older than 2013 that came with those titles for free. On desktops & laptops. That's why OP's original question is still valid.

Do you mean the mobile apps are now finally free too? (know yer history son).

There's a few different things going on here with regards to the Mac versions.

Versions of iWork prior to 2011 were traditional boxed commercial products - as in, you went to the store and bought a disc. The Mac App Store had been introduced in 2010 and in 2011 Apple released iWork '09, the then most recent version, on the Mac App Store as three separate apps at $19.99 a piece (which meant that the three together were cheaper than the $79 they had been charging for the iWork DVD-ROM).

In October 2013 they released new versions of all three, now just called "iWork" with no particular year or version designation, and now exclusively on the Mac App Store. They also made this version a free upgrade for iWork '09 users both to reward existing owners but also because this allowed them to transition to using the Mac App Store as their central software update platform. At this time, however, they were still three $19.99 applications.

The way the free upgrade worked was that the Mac App Store looked to see if you had iWork '09 installed and if so it would install the newer iWork (leaving the old one intact) and associate your Apple ID account in the Mac App Store as having owned the apps. At the time there was a trick people discovered - by accident or design the Mac App Store was incapable of determining whether or not your copy of iWork '09 was the full version or the 30-day trial, which Apple had rescinded from their website but which was still floating around. If you installed iWork '09's trial and rebooted, the Mac App Store would start installing the new version of iWork and your account would now own the latest iWork even though you had not purchased iWork '09. In a statement, Apple acknowledged that this was possible but that they thought the convenience of upgrading and Mac App Store association was worth the potential loss in sales they might suffer as a result.

In October 2014 Apple announced that the three iWork apps would be free with new hardware purchases. Prior to this point you had to either qualify for the free iWork '09 upgrade or purchase the apps, and anyone who didn't do the trick above would still need to buy the apps.

What's changed today is that now the three iWork apps are outright free to everyone, not just people who bought a Mac after 2014 or were willing to perform the iWork '09 trial trick. If you had them on devices prior to 2013 for "free" then either you had taken advantage of some promotion or some bundling, or you may have gotten the upgrade as a result of the 2013 rollout.

The iOS versions of iWork followed a similar trajectory, though skipping the part about being on DVD prior to 2013 and any upgrade tricks - they were released as three $9.99 apps, free with hardware purchases past 2014, and now just free to anyone.

Comment Re:Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 1) 1222

There are about 150 plots in this world, and everything else is rehashing. If you really complain about that, you should not even consider Frankenstein by Mary Shelley an original, as its plot can be found in Goethe's Faust, which in turn is a reworked play from the 16th century, which is based on legends you find for instance in Boccaccios Decamerone, which are a collection of stories from greek classics and arab folk tales.

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