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Submission + - US Government to Pay $2 Million for Automatic Hacking System (

An anonymous reader writes: At this year's DEF CON security conference, DARPA has organized a CTF match of AI systems that will attempt to hack opposing systems and automatically patch and protect their own network. The competition follows classic infosec CTF (Capture The Flag) game rules, but because we're talking about AI, it requires half the time and ten times more security vulnerabilities to fix/protect.

Three DARPA-funded teams qualified for the final round, and four self-funded teams. Each team that reached the final will receive $750,000, and the winner will receive $2 million. DEF CON organizers have invited the winning team to participate in the official DEF CON CTF the following day, marking the first ever CTF match that pits human hackers against AI systems.

Submission + - SPAM: CEOs whining about having to pay employees more money

smooth wombat writes: For the longest time we have heard companies complain no one is qualified for their available jobs. Now it seems that mantra is coming back to bite them as they can't find people to fill their available jobs. As a result, they are having to raise wages to attract people to these jobs. This in turn has lead to their latest whinings: we have to pay people more!

Why are they complaining about having to pay more money to attract and retain people? Because investors and Wall Street firms see higher wages as a drag on profit and growth rather than a raising up of people's living standards.

There used to be multiple people applying for every job. Not any longer. Now, there's barely more than one job seeker for every job opening. Keeping good employees around is harder, and businesses from Silicon Valley tech hubs down to coffee shops are increasing pay to attract and retain workers.

As a side note, as Marissa Mayer prepares to depart Yahoo! after four years of marching in place, she stands to reap a $219 million golden parachute yet no one on Wall Street is complaining about that drag on profits.

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Comment Re:Try Upgrading (Score 3, Interesting) 421

It really was in the space of a year or two that the average user's expectation of what 'high speed internet' should be able to do went from 'look at web pages without watching the photos load part by part, watch the occasional SD video clip on youtube or or something, and be able to download large email attachments fairly quickly' to 'be watching four different HD video streams, simultaneously.'

Comment Re:Well, I _wanted_ to like her. (Score 1) 177

If plant operators had to buy liability insurance on the commercial market, all nuclear power stations would be uneconomic.

Sure, but by the same token, there are large swaths of the continental US of A that, if residents had to buy home insurance on the commercial market, would be utterly uninhabitable.

There is also thirty or forty years of technological advancement in nuclear safety to take into account.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 4, Insightful) 613

You are just repeating the oldest of all memes about the next generation. To the older generation, the next generation is always lazy, overconfident, whiney and doesn't know how to work. So your "evidence" is worth exactly nil, as the generation before you made the same experience with you and thought you would be lazy, overconfident, whiney and you didn't know how to work. And you just proved them right by being whiney about the next generation, overconfident in believing to be better than them and too lazy to do the hard work to really get them into the daily process of working.

What we have, despite you feeling entitled and being the special snowflake and superior to everyone coming after you (typical for people of the current generation), is for the first time, the next generation (which will also think that the generation after her will be lazy, whiney, overconfident and not knowing what hard work is) will be earning less than you.

Comment Re:The questions that must be asked ... (Score 1) 180

Other countries manage to have independent government elections monitors. It's perfectly doable.

No, the issue here is that the Constitution doesn't specify how the states vote, so there's not much for the Feds to monitor.

Well, the REAL issue here is that the US system didn't work out the way it was intended, and has evolved into a weird chimera system of 'independent states' with a powerful Federal government. But you get my point.

Comment Re:Companies shouldn't have political power (Score 1) 416

This would be easily handled with "conflict of issue" or "bribery" laws.

I doubt the "easily" part. Because a lawmaker during his turn deals with so many different laws, there will always be a law that he had to vote on that affects a future employer. Basically a lawmaker ending his turn would be unemployable later. And even if he goes independent, someone has to buy his services for him to stay afloat, and there will always be a law he voted on, that affects the future contractor of his business.

So why should anyone ever be running for a political office, if it means the end of his professional career forever? All you get then are politicians who never want to let go from their political office because it's the sole source of income they will ever have from now.

Comment Re:When will they get it? (Score 2) 278

This is the same point I try to make a lot.

There's been a lot of research since WW2 in to what it takes to actually get somebody to be able to respond appropriately in a 'deadly force encounter.' A two day CCW course isn't it. By and large, police training isn't it, either.

Unless you're doing regular training exercises, in real life, using something like simunition, you are very likely to simply be useless when something happens.

Comment The Vive is super amazing... (Score 4, Insightful) 20

...and lots of this content is really spectacular. Don't listen to the people who say it's low-quality or barfy or there isn't any good stuff yet. There is tons of stuff that's amazing.

But do not buy a Vive online; you're asking for heartache. Wait until you can buy it from a store with a good return policy. They have terrible quality control, lots of DOA hardware, and their after-sale support is horrifically bad. If you do have problems with your Vive, do everything you can to get a refund; you don't want to be stuck in repair/RMA hell, where you get to pay for shipping and they keep your parts for months (and won't communicate anything beyond stonewalling and lies).

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