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Comment Re:Mail Fraud eh? (Score 1) 477

That's crazy talk...that borders on that whole antiquated "Innocent until proven guilty" idea. It's far more efficient to spend heaps of resources which doubtlessly wouldn't be needed anywhere else to upset someone's life when there's even a hint of trouble until they're proven innocent. Then, of course, after they are proven innocent they must be reprimanded with a stern "Don't do it again" and perhaps have various parts of their lives essentially destroyed without compensation. That's the American way, that's the ideology that we fight to impose upon other cultures.

Alright so that's a bit one sided...but a couple steps back towards the balance that we had as a people (at some point...I'm thinking just before the Cold War/super power thing) certainly wouldn't hurt.

Comment Re:Plant Patents (Score -1, Troll) 336

The original poster is referring to is a plant known as marijuana that contains the ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol which is known to give the user a temporary feeling of belligerence. In this joke we assume that the patent office has been smoking this plant and are belligerent themselves, hence unable to make a coherent decision about whether this patent was valid.

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