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Comment Re:KeePass - fantastic software. (Score 1) 1007

I've been using KeePass for years, and recently started using the portable version coupled with DropBox - viola, access to my passwords from anywhere, all nice and synchronized up! On my own PCs I have the DropBox client running all the time, and if I'm elsewhere and can't get a remote connection to my home PC, I can temporary download my files from the DropBox website without needing the client.

Comment Road Work (Score 1) 1912

My town, in its infinite wisdom, had a road crew tearing up a lane of traffic directly in front of my polling place (only a 2-lane road with a center turn lane). People could still get in & out obviously but it made things more difficult for sure. I'd love to know who's brilliant scheduling idea that was...


Submission + - Plastic artificial bone (

pnosker writes: "Researchers at Rutgers University have found a way to create artificial bone using a blend of usually immiscible plastics, both bio-compatible, where one plastic is dissolved and excreted creating an empty sponge-like region for natural bone to grow and a lattice of PMMA plastic for the growth to occur. The new material is undergoing further study and testing."

Submission + - Dell to end XP on Dimensions by Jan. 26, 2007

mystictuba writes: I just got an email from my Dell Rep, and it seems that Dell will no longer be selling Inspirons and Dimensions with Windows XP starting Jan 26 2007 (in Canada). While this may not be a big deal to the average home user, small businesses which have standardized on XP and are not ready to migrate to Vista will have to either purchase Latitudes and Optiplexes (significantly more expensive) or find another supplier willing to sell them XP.

I guess we should have expected this, but so soon?
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Turning Cell Phone Market Upside Down?

joek writes: "This MacRumors analysis puts some of the iPhone/Cingular pieces together and suggests that Apple may be turning the the cell phone market upside down. Everyone assumed that Apple's $499/$599 prices for the iPhone was subsidized by Cingular. But, it appears that Apple is not allowing mobile carriers to subsidize the iPhone. Why? Because when Apple comes out with the Touch iPod, they don't want it compared in price to a discounted/subsidized iPhone. Add to that rumors that Cingular may heavily discount service (but according to a Cingular rep, they will not be giving away service, as previously suggested) to attract Verizon customers. Without kicking in $100-$200 against the price of the phone, Cingular can discount the service as an incentive. Other cell phone manufacturers will certainly be interested in the outcome of this new model."

Submission + - Cooling 35 servers... In your bedroom?

Nullpoint writes: "I have recently acquired a VERY old IBM 42u rack mount. A good friend of mine is the head of Infosec for a very large corporation in the area who cycle their servers every two years to maintain their budget, because of this I have come into the possession of 36 IBM xSeries 335 DUAL P4 XEON 2.4Ghz 1U Blade Servers to fit into this rack. All of this is currently sitting in my bedroom in my apartment. Chances are I am going to sell all of these off on eBay, but first I want to get them all running. This is every geek's wet dream, so I want to play with them for a while. Everything runs great until the apartment starts to heat up to the point the servers shut off. My AC is running on max. The rack is completely enclosed except for the front, and has a small vent on the back. This, obviously, causes issues with heat. I cant afford a new rack, and I am looking for cost effective (And preferably) creative solutions. Any ideas?"

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