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Journal Journal: Culmination.org!

I haven't used this journal since I decided to use culmination.org for everything... If you wonder what kind of things run through my crazy mind, I suggest you go over to Culmination.org and check it out =)
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Journal Journal: Success!

I am learning about XML Schemas and XSLT... and I finally got an xml document that can be validated by a (valid) schema that I wrote, and is transformed into xhtml by an xslt stylesheet I wrote. But why? ahhh...the big question. In time..... In time.....

(**note to self: this is a journal entry, the whole thing is a "note to self" isn't it? well basically?)
(***Note to self: sleep. right now. trust me, you need it.)

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Journal Journal: Rejected! (haha)

I feel so...so... well... I guess crying about it won't help... hahahaha I just better not see the same story posted by someone else...oooooh that would tick me off! Just like when that girl... nevermind. So far my latest comment is doing well... it actually is at +2, Interesting right now... I wonder how long that will last... =)

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Journal Journal: My first article submission

Haha believe it or not I've never submitted a story to slashdot until about 10 minutes ago! I wonder if it will get posted? How cool would that be?! I wonder if my comment is gonna get modded down today? (I dont comment a lot, so it's somethin I wonder about) Or will I be lucky enough to have it left alone? Only time till tell! Hahaha I'm glad I can turn the comments off on my journal! Well it could be worse... I could be waiting to get the first post on a story? ;)

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Journal Journal: Why not?

Well I've been reading slashdot for a few years now and I figure it's about time I take part in the community. I've been meta-moderating and taking the time to read people's comments, and have thus been granted the occasional 5 points to moderate here and there. This is a learning process for me... I got modded redundant yesterday for something I said in response to some SCO article... I didn't realize that what I said was bad... I even got a flame LOL some guy thinks I was lookin for a medal haha. Hey it's all good I guess if I had read the comments for all the SCO stories thus far I might have known better than to say what I did.

In any event... Lately I've had an hour or two of free time every day that I didn't know how to use. Don't want to waste it completely (although gxmame is great for that), but don't want to do anything *too* productive either;) alas I have this journal, which may or may not get much use... But hey it's here, so why not? =)

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