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Submission + - Pidgin 2.2.0 Released (pidgin.im)

ErisCalmsme writes: "Look out! 2.2.0 is here... with many improvements from our Google Summer of Code students and a pile of bug fixes! Check out the ChangeLog to see it all. I'm mostly glad to see Yahoo! chat works again, but the pidgin team has also added support for Myspace chat with this release."

Google News Found Guilty of Copyright Violation 223

schmiddy writes "A court in Brussels, Belgium, has just found Google guilty of violating copyright law with its Google News aggregator. According to the ruling, Google News' links and brief summaries of news sources violates copyright law. Google will be forced to pay $32,600 for each day it displayed the links of the plaintiffs. Although Google plans to appeal, this ruling could have chilling effects on fair use rights on the web in the rest of Europe as well if other countries follow suit."

Submission + - Supercruncher Applications

starheight writes: This article contrasts traditional massively parallel supercomputing with a whole new generation of compute-intensive apps that require massively scalable architectures that can deliver both incredible throughput and real-time responsivenes when processing millions or billions of tasks. http://www.computingatscale.com/?p=25

Submission + - Bitrix Announces Partners Program for Web Site Dev

Bitrix writes: "Alexandria , VA — February 14, 2007 — Bitrix invites web site developers and integrators to participate in a Partners Program to expand development opportunities and increase business profitability.

Since 1998, Bitrix specialists have been developing Bitrix Site Manager — a full-featured CMS with workflow, e-commerce, e-learning, and many more features included. The software is delivered in source code; comprehensive API is provided for web site developers.

Why choose Bitrix Site Manager CMS?
  • Bitrix Site Manager is a developer framework with a well-documented API, allowing partners to provide both simple and complex solutions. Expand your business opportunities and decrease web site development costs with Bitrix Site Manager.
  • Bitrix Site Manager is a powerful tool for building web projects, which includes advanced e-commerce facilities, flexible workflow, comprehensive web analytics, a helpdesk system, e-learning capabilities, and much more. Get leading-edge technology to provide efficient services for your clients.
  • Bitrix Site Manager is a cost-effective solution. Increase profitability by saving development time and enjoying easy template customization.
  • Bitrix Site Manager is secure for you and your clients. It is monitored constantly by independent web-security specialists.

You can explore all the product features online at the Bitrix Virtual Lab.

Why partner with Bitrix?

As a Bitrix partner, you:
  • Receive up to a 50% discount on the product. Gain advantage simply selling Bitrix Site Manager.
  • Have a strong technology partner; Bitrix promotes your value-added services to clients.
  • Receive marketing and sales information to make better promotion of your services.
  • Get co-advertising opportunities to promote Bitrix Site Manager.
  • Take part in product roadmap discussions and get fast support for creating web projects based on the product.
  • Receive free training courses for you and your clients online. We train your staff and help you save even more time.
  • Obtain a free Bitrix Site Manager license (to be used on your web site).
  • Gain access to the Bitrix customer base.

Prospective partners are asked to complete an application. If you have any questions, please contact Bitrix Partners Department at partners@bitrixsoft.com.

About Bitrix

Bitrix, Inc. specializes in the development of Content Management Systems (CMS) and portal solutions for managing Web projects and multifunctional information systems on the Internet. Bitrix specialists, by their considerable efforts and skill, developed the Bitrix Site Manager software — a standalone application that provides complex Web solutions. This software tech-corp was established in 1998 by a group of IT specialists. Bitrix continues to hold a leading position in the Web development market, always offering high-standard solutions to its clients and partners."
The Internet

Submission + - U.S. Lobby Groups Criticize the World on Copyright

An anonymous reader writes: The International Intellectual Property Alliance — a group that brings together several U.S. lobby groups including the MPAA, RIAA, BSA, the ESA, and publisher groups, has just released its Section 301 recommendations, criticizing 60 countries for their copyright laws. While the report leads to dire media coverage, Michael Geist has just debunked the lobby campaign demonstrating how "the U.S. approach is quite clearly one of 'do what I say, not what I do' (fair use is good for the U.S., but no one else), criticizing country after country for not enacting a DMCA, and blasting national attempts to improve education or culture though exceptions or funding programs."

Submission + - U.S. group wants Canada blacklisted over piracy

Kaneda2112 writes: Again with the

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM .20070214.wblacklist14/BNStory/National/home

Canadian piracy thing! How can these groups continue to spread misinformation and FUD? It is so irritating for those of us up here! Micheal Geist has debunked this baloney (http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/1656/159/ ) "While the reports have succeeded in attracting considerable attention, a closer examination of the industry's own data reveals that the claims are based primarily on fiction rather than fact." Aarrgh!

Submission + - Heavy criticism of "Linux Driver Development F

Stephan A. Rickauer writes: "The newly announced "Free Linux Kernel Driver Development FAQ" initiated by Linux Kernel Developer Greg Kroah-Hartman, working for Novell, has provoked more negative reactions from prominent Free Software projects, e.g. OpenBSD. Project leader Theo de Raadt writes to Greg: "It is a fucking farce. You are trying to make sure that maintainers of code — ie. any random joe who wants to improve the code in the future — has LESS ACCESS to docs later on because someone signed an NDA to write it in the first place. You are making a very big mistake." Though the short term goal of getting Linux drivers more easily seems to be understandable in the first place, signing NDA's will hurt all Free Software projects in the long run. This short-sighted strategy will lead to the situation where companies are even less motivated to reveal free programming documentation. They will point with fingers to NDA'ed GPL code, which needs to be reverse engineered agin. Theo summarizes: "It is people like you who are closed."."

Submission + - D-Wave unveils 16-qubit quantum computer

Coucho writes: "An article on The Register gives the scoop on D-Wave System's latest quantum computer with the processing power of 16 quantum bits (or qubits). D-Wave's CTO Geordie Rose stated that "Even millions of qubits today today would consume less power than off-the-shelf processors," but then added "The cooling systems used for past computers are far harder to build and more complicated". Is this a farce? Or is this straight out of science-fiction? You decide. Article: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/02/13/dwave_quan tum/"

Submission + - Microsoft Rewarding Hardcore Gamers

Brigade writes: "Microsoft is encouraging "Gamerscore Addicts" with a challenge: Play some games and win free prizes. Depending on how active you have been at finishing games over the past year, you could be eligible to "earn" a free copy of the coin-op classic Contra, or even a full retail game. How does this affect the next-gen console battle?"

Is Wikipedia Failing? 478

An anonymous reader writes "A growing number of people are concerned about where Wikipedia is heading. Some have left Wikipedia for Citizendium, while others are trying to change the culture of Wikipedia from within. A recent essay called Wikipedia is failing points out many of the problems which must be solved with Wikipedia for it to succeed in its aim of becoming a reputable, reliable reference work. How would you go about solving these problems?"

Submission + - GPS in your shoes

nithinraju writes: "Introducing Quantum Satellite Technology, a new line of $325 to $350 sneakers arriving in stores next month. Whats so special about these high-priced shoes? Because of embedded GPS technology, the wearer can be located anywhere in the world."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Amazon asserts right to adjust prices after sale

An anonymous reader writes: On December 23, Amazon advertised a "buy one get one free" sale on DVD boxsets, but did not test the promotion before going live. When anyone placed two boxsets in their cart, the website gave a double discount — so the "grand total" shown (before order submission) was $0.00 or something very small. Despite terms stating that Amazon checks order prices before shipping, Amazon shipped the vast majority of orders. Five days later (December 28), after orders had been received and presumably opened, Amazon emailed customers advising them to return the boxsets unopened or customers' credit cards would be charged an additional amount. (You can read more threads about this here and here.) Starting yesterday, Amazon has been (re)charging credit cards, often without authorization. On Amazon's side, they didn't advertise any double discount, and the free or nearly-free boxsets must have cost them a mint. But with Amazon continually giving unadvertised discounts that seem to be errors, is "return the merchandise or be charged" the new way that price glitches will be handled?

Submission + - Ubuntu Gets U.S. Technical Support Provider

nithinraju writes: "Canonical Ltd., Ubuntu Linuxs commercial sponsor, and SpikeSource Inc., a provider of open-source solutions, announced today that SpikeSource will certify its business-ready open source applications for Ubuntu, and deliver support for Ubuntu through its growing channel of solution providers. The popularity of Ubuntu combined with Canonicals commitment to open-source development, makes it a perfect partner for SpikeSource, said Kim Polese, SpikeSources CEO."

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