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Comment Worms are a poor model (Score 5, Interesting) 66

Not so. Nematodes are used because they have a very fast life cycle and you can study multiple generations. Perfect for mitochondrial studies such as this and mitochondria are pretty much mitochondria no matter the species.

The summary is bad because its a c&p of TOA summary which seems to be just a pulp piece on various ageing research topics. That's not what the original paper was about. The original paper in Nature was kinda cool in itself. Simple summary - Nematodes lasted 70% longer when fed a ton of ÃZ±-KG. Some new areas to be studied, but nothing much to see here.

Comment Re:Being an asshole makes people angry, film at 11 (Score 2, Insightful) 895

Actually he was not if you RTA. He was exploiting zone mechanics to deliberately annoy other players.
He wasn't fighting villains as the game designers intended... the real problem here is the game's moderators allowed the behavior because they could not prevent it without breaking the game. They could however protect him from all those mean nasty taunts and threats.

This kind of behavior is not news. Other MMORPGs have had similar issues. Everquest had the "Bard charm-the-dragon to kill the other dragon (or players)" exploits. World of Warcraft had the "lead the dragon to X major city to kill all the players" exploits. City of Heroes was never originally designed to allow Heros to fight other players as Villains. It was the addition of the PvP after City of Villains was released (2006?) that introduced the "exploit" mentioned.

All three examples above came as a result of the game designers releasing expansions with changes that had unforeseen consequences.

This so called "gaming professor" could have researched his paper entirely by reading other older games forums. Just like hunting whales provides very little new scientific insight - this guy didn't have to grief a server to get his name in lights. I would even go as far as to suggest the paper was entirely secondary.

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