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Comment Dual monitor workstation + laptop to play content (Score 2) 39

I use a dual monitor workstation + a laptop to play the course content. This allows me my regular programming workspace on my computer with any reference material I need on the second monitor. Using the laptop allows me to go fullscreen without worrying about window focus and makes the material easy to pause by mashing the spacebar. My laptop also is setup to provide no notifications or interruptions so it is a distraction free workspace. I also download course material that I can listen to on drives.

Google Chrome Now Has Resource-Blocking Adblock 335

MackieChan writes "It seems to have slipped under the radar, but Google Chrome now has resource-blocking abilities, and may have had the ability for some time. Using the 'beforeload' event on the document, an extension can now intercept resources from loading. Adblock for Chrome has already added it, and I expect the other 'ad-blocking' extensions have as well. Before you start praising Google, however, it's the WebKit team that deserves your credit; one Chromium developer responded to praise by stating '... thank Apple — they added it to WebKit, we just inherited it.' Firefox vs. Chrome just got a bit more exciting."

Comment Re:And nothing of value is lost (Score 1) 454

The subscription price is really just to offset the distribution cost. Someone looked at the New York Times distribution costs and determined that they could buy a kindle for every person who subscribes or buys an issue from the newsstand with the money used for distribution and STILL save money in one year!

There is no way distribution of the New York times costs the price of a kindle per subscriber.

Submission + - Best open source asset tracking solution?

Waynelson writes: I've been dealing with terrible commercial closed source asset tracking systems within the military for a while now and just recently i've been given permission to migrate to a new system if we can find something that works. We're looking for an asset tracking program that support taking regular inventories using unique asset ids that are scanned via a hand held device into a flat .csv file. What have you used and would you recommend it?

Submission + - How Google Uses Linux (lwn.net)

postfail writes: lwn.net coverage of the 2009 Linux Kernel Summit (http://lwn.net/Articles/KernelSummit2009/) includes a recap of a presentation by Google engineers and how they use Linux. According to the article, a team of 30 Google engineers is rebasing to the mainline kernel every 17 months, presently carrying 1208 patches to 2.6.26 and inserting almost 300,000 lines of code; roughly 25% of those patches are backports of newer features.

Comment Re:Hmmm - strategies and counter-strategies. (Score 1) 252

A whole month to devise these strategies and counter-strategies aswell! Its obvious to me that there will be at least SOME fake sites in the country. Even in DARPA announced a last minute color change on the balloons or announced an image that would be painted on them it would be feasible for people to try and make them just as a prank if nothing else.

Comment Possible strategy (Score 3, Interesting) 252

I think the best way to attack this problem would be to agree to donate the profits from the award to some worthy cause, letting people with the capability volunteer some time to a solution. Its a fairly complicated problem to solve for the amount of money given to solve it. Lets say a group of capable programmers united for lets say an open source project develop a website that takes in the coordinates in the format required for the contest. The trick is going to be figuring out who is telling the truth when it comes to submitted data... You may be able to assume that if a number set is entered often that it is a candidate to be the real location. The task obviously requires coordination of many life humans as I doubt anyone that can compete has access to satellite time to do an automated search. I am wondering how many people will attempt to put up fake balloon sites to either trick their competition or just get some publicity of tech people to come visit the site and take a GPS reading.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Crysis 2 Confirmed For Multiple Platforms 61

EA and Crytek teamed up for an announcement at E3, confirming that Crysis 2 was under development for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Details are scarce (and the trailer is no help), but the game will use CryENGINE 3, which will be able to scale performance such that it will look good on consoles while still pushing the limits of PC graphics. Quoting: "When asked if that sounded like a contradiction, [Crytek's Cevat Yerli] responded that you have to think of technology as a tool that can scale. He said the game's content scales to the platform it's on. 'The PC version will look better, because of the fact that the PC can do more. It will be scaling up. But on the consoles, you're competing with console games,' he said. 'The goal is to be the best looking game on PS3 [and] the best looking game on 360 in the entire market.' On the PC front, Crysis 2 will compete with the original Crysis, which still sets the bar for PC graphics."

Comment Keeping PC safe (Score 2, Informative) 695

You could let them play inside a virtual machine: http://www.virtualbox.org/ If you cant say no to people using your system having them trapped in a virtual machine may keep you from reloading windows on your box. If you use windows lock down Internet Explorer to unusual with an admin kit and force them to use Google Chrome, preventing some of the common nasties from eating your computer. The real question is why not just be rude, a laptop is a tool that you use for education most students I know don't have unlimited resources to replace laptops that are damaged by people who are borrowing them.
Hardware Hacking

Making a Child Locating System 1092

celtic_hackr writes "Well, I never thought I'd be an advocate for placing GPS devices on people. However, since it took less than three days for my local school district to misplace my daughter, I have decided that something needs to be done. By the school district's own admission it has a recurring problem of placing children on the wrong buses. Fortunately, my daughter was located, with no thanks to the local school district. Therefore, I would like input on a way to be able to keep track of my child. I know there are personal tracking devices out there. I have nothing against these systems. But I want more than this. My specification are: 1) a small unobtrusive device I can place on my daughter, 2) an application to pull up on any computer, a map with a dot indicating the real-time position of my child, 3) a handheld device with the equivalent information, 4) [optional] a secure web application/plug-in I can install on my own domain allowing me to track her from anyplace in the world, 5) a means of turning it all off, 6) a Linux based solution of the above. I believe all the pieces for making such a system are out there. Has anyone built anything like this? Is there an open source solution? How would I go about building my own? Has anyone hacked any of these personal trackers before, to serve their own purposes? How does a tinfoil hat wearer engineer such a device to make sure Big-Brother isn't watching too? Can these devices be locked down so only certain devices can pick up the GPS location of an individual locator? What other recommendations do you have?"

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