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Submission + - Pirate Party Members Kidnapped by Tunisia Police ( 1

juicegg writes: Currently the government of Tunisia, a small country on the north coast of Africa, is facing intense protests against corruption, lack of freedom and unemployment. The government has responded by tightening it's censorship of the Internet and with repression against the protesters. Yesterday, three member of Tunisian Pirate Party, which is currently fighting to circumvent censorship, were arrested without a warrant and their computers were confiscated. No one, including their families, knows where they are being held and there are reasons to believe they could be tortured.

More information about Tunisian protests can be found here.


Submission + - Google forces Gmail onto Youtube members (

societyofrobots writes: Following the forced software bundling strategy of Microsoft, Youtube now requires all members to own and use a Gmail account. Any member trying to sign in to Youtube will now be rejected until this linking is complete. No opt out option is available. Has evil slowly crept into Google?
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Submission + - glibc-2.9 is busted (

david writes: "after building the binutils,..., gcc, glibc, etc., tool chain, glibc-2.9 fails with segfaults for all programs which use shared libraries. (You can find more info on this process at either or build) EXAMPLE: shell prompt> ls (command results in following:) [23918.030819] ls[23724]: segfault at c ip b7dfd720 sp bfc4d900 error 4 in[b7de7000+13a000] Segmentation fault (end of command results) The problem can be bridged by copying libc-2.7 from the host linux system into your tool chain and fixing the link. No clue yet what else this might break. The really cool part of all this is the wonderful bug tracker bugzilla is busted, so you can't send the glibc team a bug report ... it demands a bug# which doesn't exist yet on new reports — and it won't let you just invent one. Also their bug tracker does not seem to be aware there is a 2.9 version. The glibc-2.9 problem has lived in the wild for about a month and has yet to be reported ... perhaps because gnu bugzilla is busted ... If anyone else has run into this and has a real solution those of us who regularly build private distros would welcome the details or a link — however please spare use the garbage about it involving a patch to ipchains or snmp, because you should not need either this early in the tool chain — especially not to run the binutils programs. If you actually do, I suppose the folks who make up the GNU part of Linux have perhaps encountered some infinitely recursive catastrophe;) Perhaps all of this begs the question: Are the glibc folks still there, or have they too become casualties of the great high tech depression?"

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