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Comment Re:Theatre? (Score 0, Informative) 1870

I believe he meant that THIS verdict is just a theatre for the media because this verdict is not acted upon until all the instances has been worked through. This was "TingsrÃtten", next is "HovrÃtten" (which is where they can appeal), and if that fails, they can apply for a ruling by "HÃgsta domstolen" (The Supreme Court), and The Supreme Court will need to get clarifications and additional comments from the European Court of Jusice (EU) which Sweden is a member of. So; this verdict is not the final outcome of this story...

Comment Second! (Score -1) 1

Oh wait... I'm first! UPnP is great, but it's not really that easy to use just yet. Streaming a movie from the laptop to my PS3 while using the cellphone as a remote controller is great and all... but to achieve that setup you need to work your phone, setup the system on the laptop and make sure the movie your streaming is of a type that the PS3 supports (unless you do transcoding). The point is that it's not all just fun and dandy until "Joe the Plumber" (tm) can do it without blinking. This is obviously a step in the right direction though and I applaud the people behind it!

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