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Comment Re:And this (Score 0) 1092

You are wrong! $8.50 an hour will not pay your bills in even the outlying, cheaper parts of the San Francisco Bay area. Companies should be held accountable for offering untenable wages in the market they expect their employee's to live and work. There have been titans of industry that actually had a social conscience and offered pay and perks above and beyond the normal compensation of the day. That compensation was not reserved just for those with college degrees.

Comment Re:Why the fuck is this on Slashdot?! (Score 0) 235

Holy shit. I think that Slashdot may have hit a new all-time low with this submission. Everything about this submission is dumb and irrelevant.

Come on! Can't we get some relevant submissions onto the front page, rather than total shit like this submission? It's not like they don't exist. They're sitting there in the goddamn queue, while donkey shit like this submission ends up on the front page.

Seriously, why the fuck is Slashdot reporting about a flat-earth argument of all things? Why the fuck is Slashdot reporting about a goddamn rap battle over some flat-earth argument? The people involved aren't even remotely important in any way.

What a fucking stupid submission! It's utterly stupid in every single way!

This was obviously posted by a guy that wears his underwear ironically.

Comment What % of Blue Origin was new parts on 2nd flight? (Score 0) 132

I wonder what the service and Q&A was like on Blue Origin after the first flight? How many components needed repair or replacement? That is why Space X is taking care with it's first reflight after successful return landing. I'm sure they learned much from their first success.

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