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Comment Re:What's undignified about rats? (Score 0) 429

Yes cats are grand, they pee where ever they want, the stench from the urine is next only to a skunk, which can cause you to loose a security deposit. If you have a litter box they will track the kitty litter all over you house then jump up on your food preparation areas. If your pregnant don't change or get near the kitty litter. They will sharpen their claws on any nice fabrics they find. They leave cat hair every where. If you allow your cat to roam outside it will bring disgusting "gifts" home, hopefully already dead. During the plague, cats where a vector for bring fleas from hunting rats and mice into homes sickening or killing their masters.

Yeah cats are great!

Comment Re:And this (Score 0) 1092

You are wrong! $8.50 an hour will not pay your bills in even the outlying, cheaper parts of the San Francisco Bay area. Companies should be held accountable for offering untenable wages in the market they expect their employee's to live and work. There have been titans of industry that actually had a social conscience and offered pay and perks above and beyond the normal compensation of the day. That compensation was not reserved just for those with college degrees.

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