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Comment Re:Magnavox had a concept like this MANY years ago (Score 1) 122

All TV's before around 1978 used vacuum tubes and a few discrete components mounted to boards within the cabinet that were all hard wired together. Around the early 80s they got smart and installed anything they could (sound system, receiver, etc) into plug in boards on the main board along with any vacuum tubes needed that could not be replaced with solid state devices.

Comment Magnavox had a concept like this MANY years ago. (Score 1) 122

Magnavox (at least I think it was Magnavox, it could have been Zenith), a long ago TV manufacturer, came up with a modular TV set just at the time when solid state devices were starting to take hold of the market. They envisioned a TV where each separate module could be replaced when it failed (tuner,sound amplifier, etc). It was so complex that almost no one could work on it. It was easier to just throw out the TV and buy a new one. Technology seems to go from very complex and expensive to "use and throw away". Calculators and standard watches are good examples. A calculator will cost you a few bucks at Walmart and when it breaks pitch it and get a new one. Computers will eventually get this way also. Pretty soon your super powerful personal computer (which you pretty much have now but they are called cell phones) will be pretty much like cell phones.

Comment Already done, and better. (Score 0) 155

I finally broke down and bought an Amazon Fire TV box. I can watch just about anything on TV, Hulu, Netflix, etc. that I already have a subscription to. I can run apps, games, etc with it also. I can use any smart phone to control it or play content to my TV. It truly is a well thought out product that does not bind the customer into a single subscription service. Amazon does have the Prime service on the box, but you do not have to pay to use the other systems that the box can do.

Apple will not attempt to create a TV set top box unless the business model allows then to somehow reap revenue from both the subscriber and the content creator. This has been their business model from day one, and unless they can somehow get the masses on board with it (black hole) then it probably is doomed from the start.

Submission + - Skype backdoor confirmed .. (

An anonymous reader writes: I was disappointed the rumoured skype backdoor is claimed to be real, and
that they have evidence. The method by which they confirmed is kind of odd
- not only is skype eavesdropping but its doing head requests on SSL sites
that have urls pasted in the skype chat!

Now I've worked with a few of the german security outfits before, though not
Heise, and they are usually top-notch, so if they say its confirmed, you
generally are advised to believe them.

Submission + - Android kernel GPL violation continues to unfold (

An anonymous reader writes: Prominent GPL violator, Chad Goodman, of Anthrax Kernels has published a new manifesto defending his shady practice of distributing Android kernels without sharing source.

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