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Comment Re:OT: Why are "geeks" presumed to be intelligent. (Score 5) 284

Many people don't WANT to "play the corporate game", because it's dirty

I understand generally where you're coming from but let me give it a slightly different spin:

  1. They aren't "corporate game"s, they're the same games that have gone on since the beginning of mankind and will go on until the end of humanity. From the English monarchy, to Rome, back through the Incas, the exact same activities of syncophants and backstabbers have been played. There is nothing intrinsic about corporations that will change that. Build a power structure and those games will be played.
  2. Acting too innocent to play power games and dismissing it with the wave of the hand is one of the classic signs of someone fervently playing power games. It's basically saying "I'm not winning at the current rules so I'll dispel them as unethical/immoral/etc...okay am I winning now? No? Okay anyone who's in a position of power is a shill suit that knows nothing! Am I winning yet?"
  3. I'm talking more about simply social skills, and that isn't corporate games (my previous points were just for the hell of it. ;-]). Being able to understand when you're horribly boring your victims with mindless blabbler is a simple social skill that has to do with respecting the feelings of others, and it isn't a corporate game. Looking professional is actually showing respect for your coworkers and company by saying "I look professional for you". Someone famous said something about "Manners are showing respect for your guests" and that's exactly it : Manners aren't haughtiness or pretentiousness, they're showing respect for your guests : i.e. You're worth me showing good manners.

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