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Comment Re:HTC Did It First (Score 1) 205

Used to be reasonably common to have proprietary headphone sockets on phones. I seem to remember Motorola did it, and I -think- Ericsson but might be misremembering. There was an iPhone iteration that had a proprietary socket as well (or was it iPod? Not sure - they scrapped the decision after one generation). Taking them away completely isn't common yet but you're right, Apple wasn't the first to do so.

Comment Re:Maybe just profit taking? (Score 1) 296

It always amused me that the first thing this brave new world of decentralised control recreated was....currency and commodity speculation. They're being introduced to the idea of support and resistance levels, all standard stuff. The difference with crypto is that the volatility resulting from these swings is enormous.

Comment Re: If (Score 1) 442

I'm certain it will. But meanwhile potential competitors are starting to make noises about how they are better, and news organisations are lapping them up as fact. They're not - this is just posturing as before. Literally nothing has happened yet - no company knows that it will. Plans should be considered for leaving the UK, plans should be considered for staying in the UK. That's pretty much it.

Comment If (Score 2) 442

If. Maybe. Perhaps.

None of it has happened. None of what was predicted to happen has happened. The triggering of the article to leave hasn't happened. The negotiations haven't happened. The ratification of the negotiations haven't happened...


Comment Re:Dual boot is so 2000 (Score 1) 116

Games, or more accurately processes which are graphically demanding. I have a bootcamp'd iMac purely set up for games. I also run several different VMs for different actual work purposes, via VMware Fusion with macOS acting as host. The performance difference is still enough that it makes graphically intensive things worthwhile.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 53

Maybe not in video, but I worked at an image processing place where we deliberately created a file called "bastard.tif". The purpose of this file was to exploit every aspect of TIFF we could find, and for those familiar with the standard you'll know that's a lot. We used non-standard pixel ratios, we switched encoding mechanisms multiple times through the file...we did everything we could to make a standards-valid TIFF that would crash everything.

Wasn't malicious, we were a commercial data processing shop and image creation/conversion was our thing. We could crash Photoshop (non-square pixels - this is early-to-mid-nineties, no idea if it still crashes it), we could bring down things like Kofax Libraries which at the time were fairly advanced pro image coding libraries. We could crash most Unix utilities for working with get the idea. We definitely were thinking about it, and we were actually doing it. The idea was to know what we could and couldn't do whilst coding our image processing software - we didn't want to create a final image that, whilst technically valid, couldn't actually be used anywhere.

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