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Comment Re:Evernote utility? (Score 1) 52

Like I said, the great search is the number one reason I keep using it. I can throw just about any file in there and it seems to be able to index it. I will often take a snapshot of a whiteboard and store that in Evernote. It does an astonishingly good job of recognizing the handwritten text and so if I search for "object cache", I'm going to find web articles I've saved, source code snippets, pdfs from conferences, and snapshots of white boards.

Comment Re:Evernote utility? (Score 3, Interesting) 52

How I've used it has changed over time.

I think what makes it valuable to me is the search. I just throw everything in there and can usually find exactly what I need with search. The number of search operators is pretty amazing.

The second big win is their web clipper (or is it Clearly?). It does a really good job of grabbing web page contents and leaving behind the stuff I don't want (mostly ads). I can tag it and store it in Evernote and find it later. When I'm working on a big project, it's a nice way of keeping all of my notes together.

Comment I wish they would stop (Score 5, Insightful) 52

I like Evernote a lot. It's worked very well for me and the few problems I've had over the years were resolved relatively quickly by support.

That said, I think the software was finished a while ago. I wish they would stop adding new features, make the company way, way smaller, and just polish and refine the core product. Everything that isn't the core product should be moved to an extension. Lower the development and support costs enough that the company can be profitable by charging users $1 or $2 per month.

Comment Re:So is this enough finally? (Score 1) 225

It probably isn't enough. I think it's going to take somebody being able to show they've been harmed by the data collection and it will have to work it's way to the supreme court.

I wish the company had a way that I could get (or even purchase) a copy of the report on me. I can't think of any reason why they should object to that.

Comment Re:Windows as a Service (Score 4, Insightful) 535

I think they want everybody on Windows 10 to entice developers. If you are going to write a Windows application, they want you to target Windows 10 and their universal platform. Until they get a big enough number of users there, it's a pretty tough argument to make.

If that's true, then I think they are damaging their brand for nothing. Other than games there's just not a lot of interesting things happening in Windows for mainstream consumers anymore. Windows is most interesting for business users and Microsoft has shown that they aren't willing to accept that yet.

Comment Re:Unusually +ve but what's in it for refusniks? (Score 4, Insightful) 375

I'm genuinely curious about this - what exactly is it that you want to do with Cortana? I've been running W10 on my home machine (desktop) since the original release and I've always had it configured to deactivate Cortana as much as possible (it's still always running though). I've never once been tempted to turn it on. Is there some use case that I'm not thinking about?

I understand the use case on mobile, but I don't see the value on a desktop machine.

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