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Submission + - Are you a victim of knowledge rape?

An anonymous reader writes: Last night I received a call from a company posing as a job recruiter and asked about my background that they found online. They proceeded to ask me a series of specific questions in a "How does one do this?" format that related to my years of experience in the area. Thinking that this might be a potential job opportunity, I felt obligated to answer all their questions, but realized after a while that they were not really looking for a candidate but instead were unscrupulously scouring for information in gathering estimates and software resources for a project. I was a victim of knowledge rape. Unpaid for my services, I felt that I should contact an agent or a lawyer, instead I chose slashdot.

Fellow geeks, how can we protect ourselves from this kind of abuse?

Feed Facebook being used to recruit spies (

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The Internet

Submission + - SPAM: How SEOs are infecting web spiders

Ep0xi writes: I'm trying to analyze the alterations that SEO practices produce in those
markets not related to the advertising industry.
I was looking for information related to "near death experiences survivors" and the Google
gave me at least the 50 first links pointing to newspapers, blogs, and other "realtime" sources
most of those 50 pointing at the death of Paul Newman which are sad news btw.

How can we access a web spider in a form that web searches are not infected by
the "importance" of the websites related to the search but directly in line
with the precise list of words we put in for the search itself?

Is that a function of the browsers to be Advertising friendly? thnx

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