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Journal Journal: Update

Been a long while since I updated ... forgot I even had it and not a big blogger. Anyways not much changing ...worked in BiH for two years, mission shut down, took a 6 month sabatical and now working in Baghdad, Iraq for Raytheon on a sensor system. Will update more later but this is where I stand now.

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Journal Journal: New Job

Started a new job (well...back in FEB03). Working as the IAM for the SFOR mission (Peacekeeping / Bosnia / NATO). Sprint is the primary contractor.

Nice little gig for 2 years. Wouldn't mind staying on longer but mission going to get turned over to the EU. No US forces means no job for me as I only handle USA networks.

Oh well...good resume building, unique experience.

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Journal Journal: Mozilla+FreeBSD

Will just signed for a fucking laptop (Dell Inspiron 7500) and took 4 fucking days to get FreeBSD in a semi-usable state. Notes for self:


2. cvsup supfile

3. make clean install m4

4. make clean install autoconf

5. Do whatever you fucking want cause those first 4 all that really matters.

Now back to trying to get ATI Mobility drivers for FreeBSD so I can get more than 16bit

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Journal Journal: wh00t ... almost that time

Another day bored as hell and avoiding work (I get paid whether I work or not so no real initiative to work in case you are wondering I keep avoiding it). Only 3 more nights though till I go on my 4 day vacation. Then day shift here I come (yeah!!)

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Journal Journal: First Post!

God I am fucking bored. Checking out preference system after the Exodus - West move and found this. Today found out that a prick I hate and work closely everyday with was promoted to be my section chief. Just what I need, a useless immature 14 year old (in his head at least) for a boss. Have to say it matches well though with my 12 year old site chief and 17 year old regional manager. Like working for a 3rd grade class. Oh fucking well. Only 4 more weeks till I get that new position so only 4 weeks of hell. Of course hell is always more tolerable when you are pulling ~$150K US a year.

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